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May 03, 2011


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ah! i want them all. must make a big note so i remember your shop update - i missed the boat on the last one. loving to watch the evolution of your natural dyeing.

Kit Lang

Love the stones and the photos!

Becky C.

I would love to hold one and hope to be able to make your etsy update! The purple is so pretty!


How did you know purple was my favourite colour?


Your experiments are a pure enchantment ! I love that your colors are not totally plain, I mean there are colors shading off into each other that brings a very unique effect to the threads and lot of life to your divine creations.

Your shop updates are always so exciting for your admirative readers ! I think Etsy should offer to your eagger fans some training sessions to become super-quick in the few-seconds transactions :) Until that delightful appointment, I wish good luck to your busy magical hands !

Sonia / Cozy Memories

ah, I had not dreamt, then, there was actually a purple covered stone in the photos yesterday. Sorry I had to laugh outloud at "none of the stones were mordanted" ... eheheh
joke aside, I don't think any other covered stones will be able to beat the beauty of the ones you have been covering with naturally dyed materials. They are pure beauties ! I wish the internet had a "through screen" option so that I could hold them in my hands before they get sold on May 13th.


The colours of the stones are so warm and welcoming! Love them all... And your photos of them are gorgeous, too :-)


those purples and reds are just so vibrant!
and the sweet "footprints" left behind are worthy of high quality paper...ya think?


Oh I looooove them!I hope Iwill manage to get one!AriadnefromGreece!


these are really beautiful! i also love the residual prints left from them drying!!!


They are spectacular! and your photos are equally spectacular! A pleasure for the eyes :)

Lovely World

Do you have an indigo dye bath? I think that would make some lovely colors to use. I like the variegation in dye you are getting this way - particular on the pink one.

Sherry Harmes

Margie, These are lovely and I so enjoy your compositions as well. Where did you find all the tiny blossoms to go with these? Thank you for sharing your colors and talent.


beautiful colours! they make me think of berry icecream.

Jill Wignall

Such pretty photos of beautiful stones. I'm loving this new 'style' of pebble. It's brilliant how you find new ways to always take your work forward.

Janee Lookerse

Gorgeous Margie! Absolutely gorgeous!



i'm so inspired, can't wait to try my own hand at the dyes to make a garland to begin with. thanks for your ever uplifting blog that i have followed for years.

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