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May 11, 2011


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beautiful. Do you always use a mordant? Have you discovered some successful mordants that are not metals?


really gorgeous palette. it's so exciting to see how the different fabrics take the color, isn't it?


i really love it too. just beautiful and fresh!


I'm dying to see & touch (carefully) this book
I wish I could dive in it
oooh the colors !
(PS : loving the dyeing-with-what-you-have concept, but you knew that, right ?)




Such a smart way to record your process and remind you of your favourite methods and plants. And I love seeing your results, I'd been wondering about dyeing with pussy willow - now I can see!
Thanks for showing us :)


Thank you for sharing your beautiful dye work, and I love the idea of a dye journal. What fun you must be having mixing and combining and waiting to see the color outcome. I admire your efforts, especially the indigo! That process seems difficult.


Lovely stack of fabrics. Your dye journal itself is like a work of art.


you are creative AND organized! you've made such a beautiful and useful journal. it's a joy to see the results of your experiments. and really, your dyeing keeps reminding me of the book "gathering blue." lots of great descriptions of natural dyes and colors in that novel.


Looks like you put together a doctoral thesis on natural dyes. Can you get a PhD in beautiful fabrics?

Carol Dee

Fabulous way to keep track of what each dye and fabric combination produced. Love the little merfish on top of the fabric pile. :) hugs...


Impossible to choose a favourite page (ok, perhaps the pale blue...) Margie, this is so beautiful, it hurts.

I am SOOOO excited for my natural dye class this weekend! Keep those inspiring images coming, my friend.


Oh, and I'd like to add: 100m dye project? Brilliant!


Those colors are gorgeous! and I'm in love with your journal ♥


nice work on keeping a record of it all. and i love love love the photo of them all stacked up. such a wonderful gradation of colour.

Sherry Harmes

Hi Margie, Looking forward to your sale tomorrow. I love your journal. This will be a treasure for years to come and also a great reference for you to see how color fast your items are. My favorites are the blue from the scilla and the yellow gold from the black oak. Thanks you for taking us with you. Hugs to you and yours.


You're achieving such beautiful colors! And this project is a reminder to me of how much beauty and inspiration I can find close to home (and that I don't need to shop for it!)

Janee Lookerse

Oh my gosh, Margie, the color palette of that first image is AMAZING! So soothing. I'm totally in love!



what a great idea! I love swatch journals such as this! The color of the paper and the japanese tape adds so much too. What a neat little peek you are giving us!


i love this journal you are keeping, thanks for giving us a glimpse since we can't pour through it in person. have fun with your class!


oh my lordy! i love it here... am bookmarking it as a favourite and will definately be back. thank you for such beauty ;0)


Have you a safe to hide this precious book ? :) I really love this journal, not only your dyeing secrets, but the textures, the colors, the handwritten notes ... It's beautiful and each page could be framed ! Thanks for sharing.

lynda howells

What an amazing journal. I am just starting to keep a journal/note book on my dyeing. Love your work..have subscribed so l don't loose youxxlynda


Wow, so inspiring! Thanks for sharing this. Great way to keep track of colours and ideas. I've got to start doing this!

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