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May 22, 2011


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Whew! That was close! What an adorable lil fella and what gorgeous bundles. I hope yours & Sonia's dyeing wisdom & rubs on me during my short visit :) I SO look forward to my time with you girls!


Heavenly flowers carpets for your dyeings ! So inviting for the lovely mantle ... maybe tempted since she saw your butterfly print on a recent dyeing :)
Wish this new week will be very colorful as well !


One year I was on hands and knees weeding and I saw movement on the base of my bird bath. There was a row of baby praying mantis exiting from their cocoon. I was amazed and felt like I had stepped into another world. They look like a prehistoric critter and are minute! Your flower carpet looks so beautiful. I am hoping to give that a try this summer. Have a beautiful week.


these are poetry before being bundled up, while being bundled up & after being unfolded ... wow. Looking forward to seeing the results !
Very happy to see you've been having a lovely weekend !


Phew, that was a close call for the little fella!

Can't wait to see the results!

Do you mordant your fabric before laying the flowers out? If so, what do you generally use for this type of sun dyeing?


beautiful photos as always! i can't wait to see how the silver dollar plant comes out!!!

Carol Dee

Nice rescue. Back to the garden little fella. Love those bundles even before they are finished. Every step is fascinating. I might actually have to give this a try , someday. LOL. Hugs...


SO pretty. Can't wait to see the final fabric.

Liset Noorduyn

What a great way to dye!!
Can't wait to see the final colors.


i am so glad you have that lovely camera. couldn't be in better hands. :)

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