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May 24, 2011


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Sophia Roberts

Goodness me. You are so very talented.


so so beautiful!!

Lovely World

Love those birds! One of my favorite parts of a project is choosing fabric. I can see that you enjoyed this too! Enjoying the Spring-themed posts here lately.

Lisa at Lil Fish Studios

They are awesome. Oh the time and effort these must have taken. All that dyeing...all that stitching...all that designing...

You have a very special vision, M.


If there are any ornithologists reading the comments, would anyone know the name of the bird that also has an 'electric' sounding part of its song like the cerulean warbler, but then with a song part, that migrates through Europe at this time of year?
Last year I spent hours going through bird song recordings trying to find it, but as a total amateur, had no luck on my own.


I love seeing all your beautiful dyed fabrics becoming winged creatures. The natural colours are perfect for piecing them together. I've been stitching birdies too, the ones that visit our garden but I have very little of my own dyed fabric to contribute to them. Your blue warbler is divine! I can hear him from here :)

michele (maryland)

Oh gosh, Margie, the birds are just amazing. You do have such a special talent.


You never cease to amaze me :) These birdies are so precious and special. Can't wait to see them in person!


This makes me so excited to see your show in person.

Have you seen this? I thought of you:



Oh you are so talented. They are breathtaking :)


they are beautiful!
even the book of samples

ana isabel

GO great!!love it

ana isabel

I meant SO great...ooops, it's early on the west coast ;)


I can't wait to show my husband - a birder. I think he'll love these as much as I do.

Sonia / Cozy Memories

I can not wait to see these closer. Still pinching myself.
A feast for the eyes. You are so gifted. xoxo

Sherry Harmes

I wish I could be there to see this wonderful exhibit! Your birdies are so cute and I can see Geninne's influence in your work as well. You make a great team. Love your pictures and thank you so much for sharing your many talents!!! Hugs to you and yours!


love the colors and textures you've made with your fabric choices and stitches. Would LOVE to see feathers, too!


Those birds are wonderful! You are so talented!


each step of your process seems to well-formed and organized - very inspirational to one as scattered as me. this is shaping up to be an amazing show; your birds are just beautiful. and YES! to feathers.

Janee Lookerse

Wow, those are stunning! They are so unique and they have so many lovely details! Wonderful.



oh my, LOOOOOVE! can't wait to see more of your work! i wish i could make it up that way to see it in person, but i don't think i am able to :( good luck!


I love the ones on the ring (as in on a flat surface) more than the 3d form, where I feel the play with embroidery stitches comes out so well.


Waoooooooh Margie, this is magnificent !!! The birdies, the hand-stitching and paticulary the use of your dyed fabrics that give a wonderful look to your winged creatures. I also adore your gorgeous process note-book ... a treasure itself ! You must have so much fun to make this project. The result is stunning !!!

Sherry Harmes

p.s. I love the feathery look on your flycatcher where it looks like you might have fringed and combed the raw edges.


positively stunning. the natural dye palette suits the birds so well. can't wait to see these all in person when the show goes up.....


I am always amazed at each new venture of yours. Your dyed fabrics are perfect for these little winged creatures. Love all those little stitches. Thanks for the sneak peek, Margie.

Elsita :)

Wow Margie!
This is so beautiful!


Oh! Those are so beautiful.


Absoluetly lovely, your work in progres is promising !


These are absolutely stunning. Wow.

Jill Wignall

These look amazing Margie! Really amazing!


You never cease to amaze me. As above, I'm loving this new work of yours. Esp because the fabrics you use have also been naturally dyed by you. LOVE. x

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