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May 18, 2011


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oh margie - these are so beautiful!!
you really should have a photo book
I would buy one!


Stunning, Margie.


beautiful. hello little snail! ps. i'm sure you've heard of this already, but if not... http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/8303977-the-sound-of-a-wild-snail-eating


love the magnolia photos.... i'm sure you are glad to have your new macro lens now that spring is here!


that first photo took my breath away - all these shots show your prowess with that macro lens. wonderful blush of spring. thanks for sharing!


Such a magnificent pink and springly post ! You never stop amazing me with the quality of your photographs. About your stunning last picture, I was sure there were supernatural creatures in Resurrectionfernland :)
WIsh you a happy Thursday !


if you ever make a photo book, please put a pre-order for me too, right after Arounna :)
I really love to get closer to nature, and your photos are a real invitation to get shrunk at a snail's size, and go explore the flowers & raindops !


You're so right these beautiful photo's don't need words. Speechless.

Carol Dee



Wow!I think the second photo is AMAZING!I loooove it!AriadnefromGreece!




i looove these, you always have such beautiful photos! is your camera an slr? and do you use a tripod or just wing it?
can't wait to see more of you 100m dyeing experiments


I love how tender these pinks are.


These shots are remarkably beautiful.


If it's thrilling for me to see these shots, I can only imagine how it is for you when you've loaded onto your computer what you've captured with your camera. What a gift!! They do belong in a book!!!!!

Emma Dean

You are an amazing human being...The beauty,peace,mystery,joy,generosity and wonder you bring is a gift to me and a gift to us all and to this beautiful planet...You demonstrate what it is to love yourself and the effects that ripple out.thank you sooo much..xxx

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