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August 07, 2011


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Lisa at lil fish studios

I haven't seen amaranth in person. I'd love to try that.

Not a food, but I've been drying yarrow and mullein for cold-season teas. I haven't tried them yet but am eager to. We've also been munching on wood sorrel in our salads and black trumpets sauteed in butter. nom


amaranth is bitter; is it anything like rapini? or more like arugula?

Margaret Oomen

i didnt find it bitter at all. It tasted very similar to spinach but holds it doesnt wilt as much when cooked.


i have never tried amaranth like that - although i do buy it as a grain (to eat like rice) or as a flour. interesting. i don't know if i've discovered any new healthy foods lately, but i tend to gorge on fresh fruit & berries this time of year, whereas the rest of the year i am much more interested in veggies.

Helen Wheeler Shaw

Ive never seen it in it's real form' brilliant! What a color!!


I've cooked with amaranth seeds a few times. It's similar to quinoa (to which it's related, I believe), with a milder flavour and sticker texture. I didn't realize you could eat the greens, though, since the seeds need processing before you can eat them.


I will have to get some next time I'll get to the organic market (maybe next Saturday) since I think I saw some the last time. Chockfull of protein & iron, me like !!!
sorry I haven't discovered healthy food recently ... :p


Cool, I've never seen Amaranth sold for its "greens". Will have to look out for it.

Right at this minute, I am roasting some broccoli florets in a bit of olive oil, lemon, garlic, salt & pepper. Granted, the broccoli itself is not a new discovery, but this preparation style is relatively new to me and delectable.

Have a lovely week full of healthy bounty!


i've never tried amaranth so will be on the look-out. it certainly looks beautiful in these photos!

Judy brown

At last I can give a little back, for all you've given me(blogging). Spelt wheat salad.
2C cold water 1 shallot,1bay leaf,1/4tsp.salt.1C spelt(einkorn)wheat berries. Simmer covered,X45min.Drain.Cool.
Drizzle with olive oil, 1/4tsp cinnamon, dash red winevinegar, 1/3 tsp. chilli pulv.
Add 4-5 ripe tomatoes chopped, peeled seeded., with 6oz. feta cheese and a small bunch of chopped chives, salt and pepper to taste. serves 4.

Michelle (Health Food Lover)

Hi Margaret. Thanks so much for linking to my recipe for Curried Amaranth Greens! I'm really glad you liked the recipe. Love your photos by the way- just beautiful!

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