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September 16, 2011


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Well, apart from the beautiful, cooler weather and the changing leaves... I love switching over to sweaters, corduroy pants, scarves and fingerless gloves and trying new ways to layer them. I also love seeing the fun things that you come up with, with the changes in season, always beautiful, creative and different.



fresh pressed apple cider. harvesting the squash from the garden and digging potatoes. bugling elk.


What a generous giveaway, Margie. My favourite thing about autumn is the quality of light. The days may be shorter but while the sun shine, it has such a beautiful orange-pink quality to it.

Camilla La Mer

I love wearing my new boots, smelling the crisp, fresh air, the sunflowers that pop up along all of the Colorado roadways, the leaves changing, the crickets singing in the cooler night air, the harvest moons...Reading blog posts by artists sharing their autumns with each other...


i was thinking hairspray too :)

i love seeing all the lovely comments!
(especially the long ones like above!)



My favorite thing is for all the migrating birds to arrive!! And yes, they've already started showing up, I'm so excited.


the autumn season just gives me that spring in my step, the comfy/cozy times, the beautiful colors. So perfect!


This is easy to answer! I just got through excitedly telling my husband that I saw my first large flock of starlings fluidly flying through the sky today. They always fascinate me this time of year - such amazing coordination. 2nd favorite thing is warm socks!
Thanks for the giveaway - I think your mushroom spores are so terrific!


Wow.. everything! The weather, the colors, THE FOOD, the smells, the feeling, the holidays. It is my favorite season!

colleen j.

my favorite thing about fall is when it is still warm enough to sleep with the windows open but then also chilly enough to need an extra blanket!

ps love love love the mushroom spore printing!


My favourite thing about autumn has to the taking a drive out in the country and seeing all the leaves on the trees changing, bliss!


Autumn feels wistful and contemplative after the exuberance of summer. A chance to slow down and take a breath.

Ashley Lee

Fall is my favorite season of the year. Fall is shades of orange, red, yellow, and browns. Fall is pumpkins, apples, muscadines and scuppernongs, apple cider, caramel, Indian corn, candy corn, cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves. Fall brings cooler temperatures, wearing jackets, mums, thanksgiving, falling leaves, and my birthday. These are all the things I love about fall.


The best thing about fall is the weather. I love it when it stops being 100degrees F outside (in Georgia). It was 80 today and I got to ride with the windows down. I also love the sunlight. It changes in mid September here. I'm guessing it must be changing a little along the way, but I never seem to notice until it's suddenly not the same light as the overbearing summer sun. I love how it starts to turn the leaves at sunset even before the leaves are ready to show off.

Allison Cecil

I just love the colder weather! I love wearing as many clothes as possible!

Sherry Harmes

Thank you! I love being able to take the harvest and put up foods for my family and friends. I love the sounds of the geese and sea birds as they head off on their long migrations to the south. Fall has working weather, where it is not too hot or too cold, too wet or too dry. It gently leads us into winter with the softness of leaves falling on the waters. Hugs to you and yours! Happy Weekend!

Sherry Harmes

p.s. You could also use hairspray as a spray fixative for your spore prints :)

sharon palac

I love Autumn for its crisp blue sky, cool breezes with a hint of winter, turning leaves, pumpkins, and that thrilling feeling that all things are possible!


What I love about autumn is the light. And also how a sunny day can still feel like summer. And cold and crisp mornings... :)


I love autumn! And most of all I love to see the leaves change their colors as if the trees were changing clothes or if a painter had carefully painted every leaf. And how the leaves dance in the wind when they finally leave the tree... It's almost hard not to continue on and on about things I love about autumn. :)

And I also love your blog! :)


even though we are heading into Spring, i must say the stunning color of leaves..on the trees..and the heaps of dry leaves on the ground with children jumping in them..always makes me smile..lovely table Margie...the whole layout makes me smile...

het groene kamertje

Wow, I love the prints! They look so delicate.

What I like about autumn: the smells, the light, the colours, the chill, and also the desire to seriously start crafting again.

Unfortunately it hasen't really hit us yet, here we are still in that in-between state of the end of summer and not-quite-fall. I can't wait...

Melissa R

The air in autumn has a feeling it in that no other season has. It's so alive.


At first I always try to hold on to summer, but realize after eating my first bowl of pumpkin soup, that autumn is actually my favorite season. Wearing those hand knit sweaters I made, eating those warm soups and stew I love, mmmmmmmm!!


you are such a wonderful, generous person Margie! what beautiful treats you are offering too!
Favourites of autumn: crisp mornings, golden light, wooly layers, pumkins & squash, soup season, and of course lots and lots o' mushrooms!


Autumn means the restoring my favorite boots to their rightful place in the front of my closet. The pageantry of the New England leaves never gets old, even after 44 years, and when those same leaves finally let go, I have an abundance of natural light pouring into my otherwise shady house (to make up for the shortness of the winter days). Your spore prints are amazing - I have tried and tried to do this, with no success!

Sarah Lee

relief from the sweltering heat here in alabama--it's been brutal. sweet relief! and very much looking forward to wearing my Tea Leaves cardigan (my first ever adult-sized hand-knit garment).

Helen Wheeler Shaw

I have never heard of spore prints how wonderful!.. they look amazing!..as do your crocheted pebbles!... I love being able to wear my boots again in the autumn .. and being able to get in the garden again after the blistering heat of the texan summer.. and I do have a soft spot for funghi!


hello margie! Well,to answer to your question: what I love in Automn are the changes it means: new appearance of trees and so forests,lower temperatures, more time at home, fire burning in the stove, warmer clothes, more festive cooking, the waiting of snow, and the coming soon of ....Christmas time and its preparation.... Have a nice weekend....


I wish we had more of Autumn here in Southern California. Sometimes it's the hottest, driest time of the year. But at least we get to have lots of my favorite part of Fall... Pumpkins! We are crazy for them in my family.


-Candy corn
-fall leaves
-cooler temps, but sunny days
-my birthday ;D
-knowing the spring bulbs are readying themselves to appear in the spring


You might try a spray fixative for your prints - nasty smelling stuff, but it should do the trick.

I love feeling that shift in the air when summer turns to fall. That cold night air always makes me sleep best!


the leaves...baking chessnuts...the browns....


i do love autumn, especially september (eek! i can't believe it is almost over!), it is the best time to enjoy the beaches around here! The energy at the turning of each season is always so intense, but somehow calm at the same time... although i am not really ready for it to be fall, i do love the changing color of leaves that new england offers :)

p.s. maybe you can put the spore print in a plastic sleeve to help prevent smudging?


Autumn is my favourite time of year...there is still that lovely warmth in the earth, I love the sound of the leaves falling from the trees and I really enjoy raking them all up, enjoying being outside. (mind you we are just coming into spring over here in Australia...also a beautiful, regenerative season)
Love your beautiful crocheted rocks.
Jacky xox


I was born in the autumn and I love the leaves. I gather them and make leaf prints. The cool weather and Thanksgiving are the most favorite things.


I love the fall harvest season and putting the bounty up in glass jars to pull off the shelf in midwinter. I also love crunchy fall leaves to walk through, and the golden light of autumn twilight.


Autumn is my absolute favorite time of year. the temprature is usally just right and the perfect time for oversised fuzzy sweaters, crunching your feet in the fallen leaves, more time for art , and bird are everywere. thank you for the give-away ^_^


I would love to win some of your rocks and a spore print. I have bought crochet thread and hooks, but haven't had time to try my hand at it yet. I probably need direct inspiration.

Ah, Autumn. A bittersweet time, saying goodbye to Summer and acknowledging that Winter is going to be arriving soon. But those bright clear blue skies of Autumn take my breath away. I love how the sunlight changes and makes the treesong different. The birds come back to the suet feeder and I become hopeful of seeing the big red headed woodpecker again. I mow the lawn for the last time (yay) and pick queen anne's lace to press in phone books. Soon maple leaves will join them.

Heather L.

I love the fabulous colors, the cool bright breezes, the back-to-school energy, the knitting (oh, the knitting!), the huge, gray waves on the lake, wearing a hat, holding little cold fingers in mine, candles, early sunsets, making things for Christmas, the smell of woodsmoke. Autumn, love.


I love fall for the crisp air and the changing of the leaves as the green turns to gold, yellow, orange and red. It also brings back College Football, go Texas Tech Red Raiders!

I love the mushroom spore prints and I've admired your covered stones for a while now. I love seeing that you brought stones home from your trip, I usually bring home rocks/stones from places I go...glad to know that I am not the only one with "rocks in my head".

Sarah Wick

I love the crisp mornings, changing leaves, seeing my breath in the air, winter squashes and all the ways they can be eaten, and the upcoming holidays. It's always been my favorite season. Thank you for offering such a lovely giveaway, as always.


Favorite thing in autumn? Just about everything about it. The colored leaves dancing in a warm wind. And the light. The light makes it so cosy, slowing things down for a rest.
Oh and a pebble from you would make it perfect;)
Thanks for a chance.

Kristine Kjær Schmeling

Gorgeous blog ;)
Best thing about autumn is the smell, the colors and the cool air.

Best regards


What a LOVELY and GENEROUS giveaway! My favorite things about Fall..
campfires on crisp, cool starry nights..
the smell of the woods..
The brilliant blue sky..
The everchanging hues of the leaves..against that brilliant blue sky..
the first fire of the season...indoors..
sweaters..hot tea..and candlelights...
Rosy cheeks on my little guy playing football!
Enjoying your work...as always! Thank you...

Judy brown

This year I discovered the Hawk migration, and the many broadwing hawks finding the thermals and making soaring kettles of two hundred and more birds, then streaming off west to find their way around the lake and south on the flyway.Can't wait for the Harriers and falcons to go through the end of this month... now that I'm hooked.


sweaters, jeans, playing outside without mosquitos, pumpkin picking... eek ... we are so excited for autumn to be *official*. :-)


How can I pick just one thing that is my favorite about autumn? I think it's the whole atmosphere, a sort of tucking in and coziness after the outwardness of summer. Golden colors, warm fires, homemade soups on the stove - these all contribute to my love of fall.


I love autuum because:
The Day of ALL Saints,
my children in mud,
cooking jams,
orange sun,
and our wedding anniversary...

Regards from Cracow!!!

anne-marie davies

This tear collecting leaves and conkers with my boy on the way back from school

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