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September 25, 2011


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those are some interesting and gorgeous colours! i wish i could guess what makes that orange dye but really, i have no idea. maybe some kind of berry? x


perhaps one of those fleshy green balls that fall from trees? larger ones.. not sure of their name. lovely little glimpses at your work station :) the white pencil to make quick notes reminds me of myself in the studio


I'm going to guess coreopsis...only because I found a very cool site about natural dyes. Don't feel obliged to award me if I'm 'right'. And I will give the link because it's very interesting information and I feel it's right to share it. :) http://www.pioneerthinking.com/crafts/crafts-basics/naturaldyes.html


It looks like a kind of metal, rusty,
maybe tin!?
I don't know! but it looks lovely!


I know it's not really something that you forage but maybe saffron?


My guess is eucalyptus. What a fun color.

I love all your experiments.


I'm glad you had such a beautiful weekend for gathering. I love seeing your lab set up, it's wonderful. I couldn't begin to guess the neon colour source, but can't wait to find out what it is.


i have no idea, but your table looks amazing..and interesting...cant wait to see your washing line...


Goldenrod? Is that what you used? Your fabrics are so beautiful!


With it's amazing fall color, I'm going to guess sumac.


The sage is indeed lovely... did you use the flowers to get that shade? I would guess the mystery colour is some kind of mushroom, possibly one called Lactarius sanguifluus (we call it "fungo del sangue", blood mushroom).


You have the prettiest lab in the whole wide world.

Sonia / Cozy Memories

ah, it's good to be back online & see a natural dyeing post of yours !!!
oh my, what a dreamy dyeing lab ... I wish I could be transported back there ... sigh
my goodness, even though it's not my favorite color, that neon's got to be ... surprising !! I'll say it's the black eyed susan ... but not really sure. Can't wait to know, though ! :)
I missed your wonderful posts. Will catch up later, but surely.

Carol Dee

Seed pods from the ginko tee?


I have no idea what caused the orange but I do love looking at your backyard experiments, Margie. You are truly nature's mad scientist.


Is it tomatoes?!! I just finished dyeing with a few black walnuts. Beautiful dark brown on wool, much lighter tan brown on cotton. I love the smell of the fresh fruits, but after boiling it's not so nice.

Jan (jcoop)

I wonder if the neon dye could be some insect or insect body part. Just a wild guess! It's beautiful in any case!


Like the others, I'm stumped, but I would also guess some kind of mushroom.

I just love the soft rose of the sage. Such a pretty colour. Thanks for sharing your "labo" with us.

Brece Honeycutt

Marigold, perhaps?

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