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September 26, 2011


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ooohh... slime mold! haha i like that you can see the artistic potential in everything. :)


Cool and yucky.



You know what else is cool? You putting your lovely natural dyed stuff in your shop.


Lime? EWWWW! thaha, but yes, agreed that it would be cool to put some dyed things in your shop!

Sonia / Cozy Memories

slime mold ..... aaaah well, I couldn't have thought of it ! I only saw it twice. Once in the mountains here, and once with you this summer.
I'm in love with your last dyeings, the whole of them. Natural dyeing can keep someone really busy, once you're into it ! LOL

Lisa J

Slime mold! Which one? Do you have a pic? You know I'd love to try this.

Your results with the indigo and grape are spectacular and I bet those gauzy scarves are dreamy.

Margaret Oomen

maybe the yellow fuzz cone slime . Cant be sure but it looks the most like what i saw.
I also tried orange jelly last night and it also dyes a lovely bright yellow.
have fun


Montreal was wonderful.

now that i'm back, your experiments with kakishibu on washi paper are just exquisite. love the colours, can't wait to see them in the shop


You are so cool :) I'm so happy you're my friend. I just wish we lived closer.


Slime mold is a new one for me - I'll have to look that up. It leaves a fabulous color!


the indigo wild grape is amazing. beautiful!


ooh, i so want one of those scarves if you do decide to put them in the shop - they are divine. love that you dyed with slime mold - now i'm thinking about heading back into the woods and scraping up some that i saw today!


What a wild colour! Unlike anything I've ever seen- wonderful work ; 0

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