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November 24, 2011


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Judy Edmonds

Photos look perfect but how is the foot?


the photos are beautiful; amazing how much colder it looks where you are.

and how is your foot, anyway??


Phew, thank goodness your camera is still in good working order. Gorgeous pics.


"oh, where do you come from, you little flakes of snow?
falling softly, softly falling to the earth below.
on the tree tops and bushes, on the mountains afar.
oh, tell me, do you come from where the angels are?"

a circle song my children and i learned in kindergarten.

i'm so glad your camera survived its fall! how did your foot fare?


Did you put up the garland to celebrate? Or does your camera know how to read? Glad all survived.


Oh, what a relief!

Sonia / Cozy Memories

oh my gosh no
relieved that the camera & your foot seem to be fine
phew, that was close


Thank goodness your foot caught it! I LOVE your banner:) It is SO much colder there, than here! We normally have had snow by now..today, in the 50's again..SO strange!

Tallulah Maggs

Thank goodness indeed, would very much miss your amazing photos!


so glad your camera was okay - and seems to be working well, based on your lovely photos.. i dropped mine in the dirt a couple months ago, nearly gave me a hard attack. thankfully everything seems to be okay, although the lens cap took some prying to get off the lens.

have a good weekend Margie.


I expecially love photo #6 (img_0072).

Happy your camera is well. My point and shoot lost its LCD screen - which in addition to shot preview, shows the menu items! Oh well.


Isn't it so amazing our world... While you celebrate the first snowflakes, I am posting pictures of springtime flowers bursting in the garden! Beautiful mother earth!

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