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November 15, 2011


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I agree - we all need a happy place
this place is one of mine :)

loooove the ornaments


Directing our focus is an important thing. If we all posted photos of unmade beds, dust bunnies and dirty dishes, that wouldn't be too interesting for long. I'd much rather gaze at photos of frost-covered fairy mushrooms and sweet thimble ornaments so I can forget all of those other things for a little while. :)


Just an additional thought--openly acknowledging that we aren't perfect every now and then isn't a bad thing. Most of the bloggers I enjoy and respect do that already.


"right on!" to the happy place.

the ornaments are beautiful!

xo ~ annri


The blogs I love are ones that inspire me, that enchant me, that teach me, that get my creative juices flowing. I choose to find and follow those types of blogs, and I strive to create a similar space on my own blog. Other people might want/need other things (like looking at the "not so pretty" side of life) and that is fine for them. That's the wonderful (and often tricky) thing about the internet, people are free to express themselves in whichever way they choose. I am so grateful that there are these little gems, these little refuges where I can nourish the part of me that is so hungry for beauty and creativity. Thank you Margie, for being one of these beautiful places, and for enriching my life with your most wonderful "happy place"!

NW Nature Nut

I like the content of your blog and I don't think that it is fake if it is all "happy." I am somewhat the same and find that my blog is like a gratitude journal. I don't keep one, but I like to record the things that bring me joy and make me feel good. I find that I specifically search out these things to share on my blog- hence allowing me to feel the joy more because of it. I love your creativity and I'm always excited to see you have a new post when I check in on my feed. Keep up the happy place!


i like your happy place - all that natural beauty helps fill the heart (especially for someone like me who is generally a miserable grouch). will there be any chance to get one of those ornaments, or are they only going to be available at bookou?


There is a story told in the country where I now live about two different kinds of people...
One kind of person is like a fly, and if a room is filled with a thousand flowers, and one piece of trash, the fly will inevitably zone in on the trash.
The other kind of person is like a bee, and if a room is filled with trash, and one flower, the bee will find that single flower, and go to it.
My understanding of this story is that if we are to discuss the difficult things, we should first try to have made honey out of it!
I think we are meant to deal with life creatively, and this can't be done if we've turned to stone by looking at something that is beyond our power to change.
So, the flower is what I choose to focus on, the focus of the industrious bee... And this brings me back to your post from yesterday!


i hear you- my blog is my 'happy place' too. i admire the work you do (both day-job and happy-place-making!)


I totally agree. We all have enough of the less than wonderful things to deal with. I prefer to read the blogs that uplift and inspire me. So more of the ame, please!


I think we all strive for honesty in our lives but there is something to be said for "a happy place." Your happy place is one filled with honesty.


Sometimes when reading other people's blogs/lives I feel mine is so totally different.Maybe because I live in another part of the world. But there are so many things in common too. Dust and diapers are everywhere the same.But what's the point in presenting the whole truth and nothing but the truth? Ok sometimes reality is uglier than we show in our blogs. But should I talk every day about the misery of the new cruel measures of my country's government? Should I talk all the time about how many times I had to shout in class because of unpleasant behaviour of some of my students?And should I show the dusty corners?What for? I prefer finding the beauty in little things around me and showing them. That keeps me happier. Whatever the other people think?Well,who cares?AriadnefromGreece


I love visiting here because you always post the most beautiful photos. Your photos remind me to OPEN my eyes to the beauty that is there..if we choose to SEE it. We choose happiness..Life is difficult, and can be a struggle. Thank you Margie, for sharing your HAPPY place. It makes me happy too:)

Christine S

I know just how you feel. I've worked with the elderly poor for several years and it is so sad. Your blog is one of my "happy places." Thank you for being here!


Thanks for a peek into your "happy place" every now and again ...
We all know life isn't perfect, but you take the "dips" and enjoy the more the merry moments!


your happy place has been a very place I long to visit every possible day, for a long time now
like I said on Lisa's blog, we all blog differently & for different reasons, but it's nice from time to time to keep it real. Spotless nurseries & ultra-organized craft spaces may sound nice, but it can't be real (or realistic) all the time (or interesting in life, anyway)
loving the Scandinavian ceramics on top, the growing seeds too, and the ornaments ... well, they make my head spin :)

Sherry Harmes

I love visiting your Blog and Geninne's as two of MY happy places. It's fun, after a hard day of dealing with people's pains and complaints to be able to see your blogs with their different perspectives. Please know you are loved. Margie. You give others joy!


I love your blog and am with you--I live in a rural blue collar town and there's a lot of sadness and need. This and my other fave blogs remind me that there is so much beauty creativity and kindness in the world. In thanksgiving! Ann


I have to agree with you. I love to look at blogs to make me feel there are good things out there. It's nice to hear that people are not so perfect, but I like some inspiration in my life so I read blogs that make me feel good, inspire me or "happy", but I'm not looking for perfection I can look at magazine for that. No pun on magazines they are just a different source.


First, thank you for pointing me towards this interesting discussion, and a few new to me blogs. May well be that I commment on this on my blog when I find time.

I love your happy place, you never fail to instill a spark of happiness in me. I admire you for being able to keep up such a beautiful and positive "voice" in your postings all the time.

I never felt your blog was one of the fake shiny ones the other bloggers talk about because you never pretend that all your life is as shiny as your blog. You just have chosen to show us the happy and the inspiration, not the rest. At least that was how I read your blog, and that's what I love about it.

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