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December 07, 2011


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They are so beautiful Margie. The thimbles look real. And the embroidered touches are perfect.

Do you mind sharing what type of transfers you used? We've made t-shirts here but the results were so-so.

Margaret Oomen

i have used different products but the last set were avery printable cotton sheets that I purchased at our local staples store.


Nicely done! Love them. And have to say that I re-found you :)
My PC crashed and I lost you and now I found you again ! Guess that says something about your "resurrection fern" hehe Also, like to say I did not know about the actual plant till I found your site and looked it up. Thanks! I really like the plant. Hope you have a great holiday .

Amy E Thompson



I just love your beautiful stitch-work. Beautiful pressies!


They are lovely. I am doing the same every night but I am not sure I will manage to finish in time!LOL!AriadnefromGreece!

Sonia / Cozy Memories

I don't know how you do it (to find time for everything)
but you actually do (now I am sure you have magical powers)
each & every of your stitch is made with so much love & care
all the lucky recipients will be blessed with these amazing gifts of love
xoxoxo ♥


these are so special! Sonia says it all.


So very pretty, Margie.


These are so lovely! A gift from the heart and hand! Christmas Blessings!


Lisa J

They are so fantastic. I don't know how you manage to weave so much magic in your day, and still find time to show us, but I'm very glad you do.


Well, how cute are those!! I love the mushrooms in the thimbles. Sweetness!


These are so creative..and unusual! You have a brilliant CRAFTY mind! No doubt these will be treasured by the lucky recipients for generations to come! If you get bored..you could put some in your shop:))) haha! Bored...Yeah, that is PROBABLY not too likely with YOU:) Beautiful work!

Carol Dee

I love these, lucky recipients.


Such beautiful treasures from your heart and hands, each stitch worked with love. I wonder if you've filled them with lavender, or wool. They would even make sweet necklaces. Thank you so much for sharing! God Bless!!

Lyn Z... Long Island NY

So tender and sweet - what a Blessed lovely gift to receive!!!
Very inspiring as well.....
And totally adore and am drawn in by the clog still life greeting on your porch!!!

aupres de  mon arbre

Happy friends and family !
I love the tiny mysterious one.


What a lovely gift idea! So sweet and thoughtful.


what treasures. i love the moss with the mushrooms. the last one with the thimble detail is my favorite. i would love to see these in your shop!


You have a lot of lucky people in your life! So so pretty!

Coches hibridos precios

Nice pictures, your blog is amazing.

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