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December 31, 2011


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wishing you a wonderful new year Margie - thanks for being so full of light!


wishing you a great new year. i always enjoy reading your blog though i don't often comment. i just read your post 'life is short'. it seems everything that happens to us happens for a reason, doesn't it. glad your eyes are now open and that you are sharing what you see with us.


Stunning photos!!
Glad I don't have the accompanying side effects this year!
Sandy in the UK


What a magical post.
Thanks so much Margie for all the magic you bring into our lives.
chris in maryland

carol in Santa Fe

What wonderful "starflakes" - Happy new year to you and keep on bloggin'


Happy New Year Margie and thanks for sharing all of these beautiful snowflakes (something I dont see here in Tonimbuk, Australia). Nature is truly amazing!
Beautiful blog...I love popping by for a visit.

Jacky xox


hello my friend
I'm breaking my internet break for addressing you & your family my most sincere wishes of happiness, in each & every moment of your life in 2012. Whatever life will be throwing at our face, may we find the good in it & keep on rolling.
I love you my friend. Thanks for being alive (after this accident in 2008), thanks for being you, thanks for sharing everything you've already shared (with me or us all). And thanks for hosting me last summer. I will treasure these two weeks forever & hope to repeat that someday soon, here or there.

Julie Clay

Beautiful snowflakes, how incredibly wonderful they are. Lovely blog, thank-you.

Holly McLean

The pictures are wondrous! We just got a new camera for Christmas and I'm definitely inspired.
I read your post, life is short, it was lovely.
I tyr to live my life taking joy in the little things but forget sometimes.


Dear Margie...I WISH YOU THE HAPPIEST NEW YEAR! I look forward to every bit of majic you so generously share in this place...Here's to 2012! These photos made my heart skip a beat...Hugs..


Lovely photos - wishing you a wonderful New Years Eve

Jane S.

Amazing photos -- thank you for sharing them! :)

Sherry Harmes

You bring your inner beauty to us everyday with your art. Thank you! Is it any wonder that a nickname for diamonds is "ice?" Happy New Year and thanks too for taking us with you on all your adventures. Hugs from Alaska


happy new year margie! thank you for the amazing "glitter" & "confetti"!

Jill Wignall

These photos look magical Margie. I really enjoyed reading your old post. Thanks for linking back to it. The wonder that you see around you really does show in the photos you share here. x


I love seeing the world through your scientist/artist eyes. Thank you for the visual poetry you share here. Thank you for your thought provoking posts and for sharing your creative journey (I had no idea it was all so recent for you.) I am happy to know you.

I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn't say any other way - things I had no words for. (Georgia O'Keeffe)


These photos are breathtaking... nature is so amazing and miraculous. Happy New Year to you, and all the best in 2012.


These are some of the most dynamic snowflake photos ever! wow! they are simply amazing creations aren't they? Happy 2012 to you and yours!!


Ah, these are beautiful! Happy New Year!


Amazing photos as always Margie, I am truly in awe of what you achieve with your camera.

Happy New Year, and may 2012 bring peace, health and prosperity to you and all you hold dear x

Mo Crow

thank you for sharing the magic & wonder of snowflakes especially amazing for someone who hasn't seen snow for nearly 35 years!!


Stunning photos! Wondrous!


I have thought so much about this post since I first read it, that I've come back to leave a comment. It was the 'life is short' link that struck a chord, though I've approached the same conclusion through what I think about art: was it Quintillian (now I forget) who said that we must marry the aesthetic with the necessary - that art is to be as beautiful as it is useful. And the more I grow, the more I understand why the ancient Greeks spoke so much about aesthetics - some people let their minds run away with ideas about the world, and forget to order that information according to beauty. I could go on about this, but I will do so in a blog post (I will link back to your post).
The other thing I wanted to add was that in my description of your blog on my "blogs I enjoy" page, I wrote: the closest I get to nature on the web. :)
I am really glad to be ringing in another Gregorian year as a reader of your blog, and wish you all the very best.




thank you for including the earlier post "Life is Short": beautifully written.
How lucky we all are that you discovered photography!


I read your earlier post, Margie, and I was surprised to learn that your present art which is so a part of your daily life, is relatively young. Surprised because your hands infuse your art with such wisdom. Your blog has inspired me to look at nature more deliberately and for that, I am grateful. Happy New Year, Margie.


I love this post, I love the message of the post from 2008, I love that this last year has been a special one for me too, having spent time with you, and I love the idea that we will get to share more moments together in 2012.

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