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January 02, 2012


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What a truly lovely gift can't wait to see the beautiful things you will do : )


What a toughtful and precious gift!


beautiful gift - how I would love to do lace making.


the packaging is a beautiful gift in itself. how sweet it must feel that your sister knows exactly the perfect gift for you. i'm sure you'll have fun playing...


how cool! they both look like great treasures that will be well used by you.

Jill Wignall

Oh wow! That box! Such beautiful packaging - I haven't seen anything like it before. The hand is the symbol called 'The Red Hand of Ulster' which has a Wiki page. Lovely gifts from your family Margie.

Jill Wignall

Actually now that I look at the pitures again I don't think it is the red hand of Ulster. I mistook the skin colour for red.


Oh! What truly wonderful presents!! How envious am I. I'm sure you'll cherish them, I know I would :D


years ago i wanted to learn lacemaking.

this is such a beautiful gift/can't imagine where your sister found it.

hope to see some gorgeous new designs from you this year :D


oh what a truly amazing packaging indeed ! Hard to beat nowadays !
Such beautiful gifts from your sisters !
Thanks for sharing these lovely photos :)


Thank you dear Margie for sharing these amazing gifts. Seeing the pictures of every detail of the box of linen thread is next-best thing to having it in my hands. You are so fortunate to be the deserving recipient of such loving and thoughtful gifts!

Carol Dee

Beautiful gifts. Perfect for you. Do you plan to use the linen thread? I think between the threads and the book you could be very busy :) Have fun.


Beautiful gifts so well chosen!AriadnefromGreece!

Melissa R

What a great gift! Well, set of gifts. I don't think I could let myself use the fiber though!

Tallulah Maggs

WOW what an amazing present, and that company closing down is a tragedy!


You and your sister must be two peas in a pod to think so alike:) Those pictures of the lace making are incredible! Looks very intricate!


What a special and unique gift. You are the perfect person to receive it, too. May the linen and book bring you much joy.


Wow, that packaging is insanely beautiful! I love the way the thread comes out of the middle of the hand. Gorgeous.


what a lovely and perfect gift! it makes me inexplicably sad, tho' I think because such a perfect gift seems so out of reach in the place where I am now. the actual place - Denmark - not the metaphorical place. here, friends and relatives ask for a list and stick slavishly to it. and as a result, no imagination, love and knowledge like are so obvious in these gifts, ever can enter the picture. I'm happy to have a vicarious glimpse of your perfect gifts.


Thank you for sharing this wonderful gift from a rich past. Fortunate you and us that you hold on to the threads of a fading textile tradition.


What a glorious gift. Gosh they don't package things like they used to do they?


Erm, forgot to say! happy New Year!!! That packaging is so pretty!


wow. i love profiles like this! what a wonderful little capsule of history.

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