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January 06, 2012


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The most delightful gift for me was a picture that I gave to my grand daughter. It went with a narrative poem and a well known nursery rhyme played on the accordion. The presentation ended like this.

The cows were in the cornfield
They thought they'd gone to heaven.
The farmer would have lots to do
when he got up at seven.

Cows in the cornfield
What'll I do
Skip to ma loo my darling.....

Neta was amazed!


those beautiful gifts from amazing friends. you are blessed indeed. my boys received a lovely handmade wooden tractor trailer loaded up with five tiny wooden cars. they are having so much fun with it. wishing you a beautiful and joyful year.

Kim Reedich

I received a crocheted scarf from a friend. I hand-made gift tags for a lot of my gifts for friends. And I found a great new recipe for Key Lime Cheesecake -YUMMY!


Beautiful pictures as always! I ran out of time to make all the things I had intended, but I finished and gave three peacock tutus to three three-year-old girls, a patchwork, quilted Kindle cover to my MIL, a crochet scarf to my mum, a crochet brooch to my husband's cousin, and some cranberry, pecan and white chocolate cookies to various of my his extended family at a party on Christmas Eve. Oh and I made my little boy a stocking on Christmas Eve - there's nothing like forward planning :O


Love the glass jar with wood base. Is it like a jellybean machine? Very cool looking. For Christmas this year, I made 100% wool felt playfood, hair pins and brooches for my little girl. Also, made a pair of felt wings for her pretend play. It was a great way to slowly savor the holiday spirit with hand stitching. I also "upgrade" our plain stockings with wool appliques. To get ready for our new baby, I have been immersing in the joy of making and the free time I have now for crafting. It is very special. Just made the little one a stocking with a wool hat I had for a long time that I never wore. Anyway, it is always inspiring to see your images and creations. I am so happy to have one of your bamboo embroidery stone from Japan Tsunami fund raising sitting with Geninne original bird collage box. Perfect. : >

You can see some photos of the handmade gifts mentioned above here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/fernfern/sets/72157628228698935/


what lovely gifts. we went handmade this year too. i sewed my first pj bottoms this year...4 in all for my girls. my daughters and I also made stacks of bean bags for all of the precious babies in our lives and little burlap and linen bunting-type-hanging-things for grandparents. they loved doing it all so much the didn't mind sweeping up the beans and rice on the floor afterwards! our nine year old thought of the messages to stamp on them. my favorite of hers..."love life". happy 2012. also went to lake ontario to collect rocks and was thinking of your beautiful covered rocks. definitely something i'd love to learn how to do.


In very early Dec I managed to make a paper-collage art piece for a friend's birthday, a project that had been floating around for several years. All other crafty plans for Christmas gifts - jewelry, arm warmers, tote bags, photo albums - went by the wayside as I'm incubating a baby instead. Win, win!

Cathy R

I love your creations and blog. You are very talented. I made "bread in a jar", it's sweet bread baked in a canning jar that will seal from the heat and keep for a special occasion. Also made a dried flower wreath for my friends mothers 70th birthday. Thanks for the giveaway and may your clothesline and picnic table be filled with exciting new dyes!


What a lovely giveaway!

This year, I created drawings and paintings for gifts for family and friends.

I started a new tradition and prepared several Indian dishes for Christmas Eve dinner. My favorite was the butter chicken, and you can find the recipe here if you like: http://www.marksdailyapple.com/butter-chicken-in-a-silky-sauce/


Really? I covet your stones. I mean to make one, actually tried starting one and it just didn't work out. I knit gifts for all of my daughter's teachers. This year I got addicted to the patterns from "Knit your own dog". Clearly I need the Knit your own cat book - we have 4 cats!


Such wonderful handmade gifts you received!
This year I made sculpted fabric flower brooches along with homemade jams and candied nuts for giving to many people on my list. I've already started on making some presents for next Christmas, too. Handmade items are so wonderful to give and receive.
Thanks for a chance in your lovely giveaway!


I made some new coasters to coordinate with my family who redecorated. Usually I make something for everyone, but this year was crazy and I forgave myself! but I have been pinning a thousand ideas for next year on pinterest! I am intrigued by the pear shaped rainbow deck in your last photo - what could it be?

Emily Flippin Maruna

I have recently had to go to a dairy free diet and even though the diet didn't officially start until January I did practice a recipe or two first. My favorite one I made over the holiday was vegan fudge. I got it here - http://www.dandelionsonthewall.com/2011/12/allergy-friendly-chocolate-fudge.html

So yummy!

Jane A

My Christmas gifts this year were crystal angel pendants. Gave them to all the volunteers who sort the donated books for our friends of the library association. Even the guys wanted them for their wives or special ladies. (Thank heaven I made them for the guys too)

I love your blog and especially your wrapped rocks. I have a great love of rocks. You should see my house. I look forward to the day I can photograph life as well as you do.

Carol White

I gave handmade fingerless gloves to our dedicated dogwalker, a blanket for the foot of my mom's bed to warm her tootsies, lip balm and soap to friends and family. I received a care package of delicious homemade goodies, including cherries soaked in vanilla-scented armagnac and 4-berry jam. My mom gave me a gorgeous quilted table runner made of colorful batik fabrics. A wonderful Xmas!

NW Nature Nut

Oooh Margie, this is exciting. My favorite gift I gave was a scarf I crocheted for a co-worker/new friend. She scrimps and saves to buy gifts for her kids and she just *loves* Christmas and isn't very crafty herself. I could tell she was so tickled to get the handmade scarf and it was a treat for me to see that. As for food...my favorite thing I have made is the last thing I made- a curried lentil soup that warmed me to the bone. <3 Michele


I upcycled a damaged 1920s math textbook to make heart-shaped 3D ornaments, and made tiny beeswax acorn cap candles. I paired them with a card that read "May your new year be full of love and Light". :)


I handcrafted cards and gift tags with my own handcarved rubber stamps, ribbon and some gems - such fun, and completely unique for the recipient to use to send greetings to their family and friends!


I did not receive anything or give anything handmade this year, unfortunately, to report ... so I'm saying hi -- would love to win anything created by you! thanks for this wonderful giveaway

Laura F

I knit an eternity cowl for my sister in law.I also baked many rumcakes and cookies.
Thanks for such a lovely giveaway!

Old Oak

After gathering plenty of plain, white mugs and tea cups, I went to work with porcelain pens. Everyone received a hand illustrated cup from me.


I'll just say "Hello" since Christmas wasn't so grand at our house this year. My husband was diagnosed with cancer last Feb and it was a little rough around Christmas. But it came and went all the same. Hopefully, things will be better for Christmas 2012. Would love to win your giveaway. You do beautiful work and I admire the way you live life.

Nora Odisho

Hello! This year, I have fallen in love with animal print. All kinds, ranging from cows to tigers. With that, I decided to make some cute, safari themed margarita glasses for my cousin! I have a pic here as well: http://c0014124.r32.cf1.rackcdn.com/x2_a45ba07

Not such a great pic, but I am definitely going to try to sneak a better one next time I visit.
By the way, awesome photography! Very insightful.


Yeah me I found you again. I had been following you for a while and then had a computer glitch and lost every blog . So I am slowly get back to finding them. I love you rocks,they are great!

Sherry Harmes

Happy New Year and thank you for the chance of a giveaway. I made the beeswax and mineral oil wood treatment and put it jelly jars to give away. Here on the coast of Alaska, we can use it for wind protection for our skin as well. Thanks again!


I follow your blog everyday on google reader and it is truly inspiring! I'm learning to crochet (properly ;)) this year and one of my targets is to do a covered stone - I think they are just beautiful. Happy New Year to you and thanks for all that you share x


I got some amazing hand made presents but the best ever was Bonzo Junior. When I was tiny I had a toy push-along dog, bigger than me, Bonzo, and I loved him with all my heart. He was passed from aunt to aunt when I out grew him and I thought he was lost. But just a little while ago he turned up in my Godmother's loft. He has bypassed my own children but will be a welcome friend to my grandchildren when they eventually come along. And just for me I will always have Bonzo Junior, a mini pull along dog just like Bonzo that my parents bought for me from Northfield Primitives.


Happy New Year!

I was given one of YOUR beautiful naturally dyed cotton scarves! Best gift ever. Your packaging is fantastic. :D

Carol Dee

Handmade gifts are the BEST. DH carved ornaments and Christmas figures for almost everyone this year. My Dad (who got DH started carving) gave me a beautiful intarsia (sp?) of 3 cardinals on a snowy pine branch. Dad also made wooden toys for each of his 9 great grandchildren! Pretty good for an 85 yr. old. :) I baked cookies, made fudge and candies and gave a lot of it to co-workers. For Sis I found a fabulous sketch journal leather bound with hand made papers. I knit simple scarves year round and put them on th ehat and mitten tree at church. I agree with the reader that said love is put in every stitch. I believe a hand-made gift really show your love better than any store bought item. Hugs....

Judy Brown

I was delighted to receive a handmade treasure, a fabric pinecone from Bokou, made by Margaret Oomen... It was a special decoration on the hand stenciled paper for our woodland Christmas,from my daughter Martha. Through her I've followed your blog, and it's given me so much pleasure all year.


The sweetest handmade moment of our Christmas came not from me this year, but from my 6 yo son. He learned to knit in December and made his older sister an elephant. She was so touched to be the recipient of his first knitted efforts that she wept... and then so did I.

Liz Noonan

It would be lovely to win something from you! I treasure the pieces of yours that I have already.
But I also love making and giving, too. I made "seat sacks' for both of my daughters classrooms this year as a way of helping out and donating something useful for the teachers. Over 50 of them were donated and I plan on doing it every year until the school is filled w/them ;-)


Unfortunately, I didn't make any handmade gifts this year, so all I can do is say "Hello" and let you know how much I love your breathtaking photos.

Donna B.

You recieved such beautiful gifts, such a loving person you are. And such loving friends you have. I try to make at least half of my gifts each year. This year my favorite was the pillows I made for each of my grandchildren. The front has a heart someplace on it so they carry my heart with them, the back is closed with buttons from my grandmother's stash. That makes it their great-great grandmother, now they carry a part of her with them.

Loralee Clark

This year I gave crocheted wreaths, hot pads and gourd vases. Also I canned cherry compote, made my daughter a dress and embroidered puppets, and my son an embroidery kit and homemade journals.

I have followed your blog for a few months now and am so inspired by you and your art. Thank you!


Handmade gifts are the best ones I think ! I made lots of pencil cases and embroidered some photographs and made cards with it. I received nice earrings from a friend that she made, lovely ! Thanks for starting the year with a give-away, I like to think I have a little chance to hold one of your covered stones in my hand this year :)


I made bright red chooks (chickens) from recycled felted jumpers, and gave them to my nieces and nephews (photo on my blog). I enjoyed making them so much I'm now making Tuis (a native NZ bird) with driftwood perches.
Love what you create, especially the crocheted stones :)


Happy New Year Margie! You received such lovely gifts and your blog is such a gift. My only handmade items this year were the brown paper bags I stamped with little messages to wrap gifts in. However, the gifts inside we're handmade by Bookhou. I look forward to reading and seeing more pictures in your blog this year.


I made a blanket for a baby!

Happy happy happy new year to you!

Julie Clay

Made and exchanged hand made Christmas cards, as seen on my blog, it was a real fun thing to do. I just need to do it in plenty of time next year. Love reading about the things you do and make.

Holly McLean

Alot of my gifts were handmade this Christmas, but the funniest one was a fabric bag for microwaving a potato in the microwave that I gave to my son. We put a potato in it and out it in his sock. I thought he'd be stumped but he somehow knew what it was.


Hi, Wishing you a very happy new year. I love your blog, you are very inspiring to me :) This year I made a lot of handmade gifts, and a number with my small children. You can read about some of them in this post: https://thegreendragonfly.wordpress.com/2011/12/24/merry-christmas/

at the end of the post I linked up some recipes I made before Christmas, if you like gingerbread I totally suggest the recipe at 101 cookbooks it is truely delicious and lasts ages (if you dont eat it all first that is!) Janette


i so enjoyed baking this year!!


not sure if i am too late...i made a felt alligator purse for my 4 year old niece (she likes the song), a paint by number project with photos, and a superhero cape for my 2 year old. i was blessed with handmade wristies, a felted pouch to hold my felting needles, and tea cups....perfect for winter.


Your blog is so inspiring!

I always get compliments on my homemade salad dressing, so this year I made two big batches, one pomegranate vinaigrette, one orange/rosemary, all with fresh organic ingredients and herbs from my garden. I dressed up little mason jars with polka dot grosgrain ribbon and labels made from my own little watercolour paintings and photoshop. On Christmas Eve my husband, daughter and I piled in the car and went all around our little community, delivering these small oferings to everyone who had done something nice for us this year. I had so much fun making and giving these gifts!

I love your crocheted beach stones and would be so thrilled to win one...:)


Those are lovely gifts! I tried and made everything myself this year, and was very happy with the reactions. The gifts I was the most pleased with were a black mohair moss stitch scarf I gave a friend and a pair of woolly plaid pajama pants for my husband.


is that a dispenser for berries? my little toddler would go nuts over that! hmm.. this holiday i gifted a homemade photo book to my partner. it was well received and loved!


You know, I always give handmade gifts and very rarely receive them. I wonder why that is. This Christmas I took cuttings of all my plants in November and gave them as gifts. I also knitted a few beanies for new bubbas too. I was most impressed with my 13 yr old daughter who crocheted a baby blanket and gave it to her new cousin for Chrissy!:-)


Love your blog. Here just to say hi.

Ellen L.

I made a seahorse (from lia's pattern) for my sea creature loving teen. She adored it and I felt so happy. I wish that I had been able to sew more. Next year I will start sooner!

I love to read your blog-such amazing photographs.

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