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January 29, 2012


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Sonia / Cozy Memories

awww cuties !!!
hot indian food didn't work, shoots !!
you must all be so eager now ! (specially C of course !!!)
sending her my most positive vibes !


I'm sure that if you told Baby about all the fun you're going to have, she/he will be very eager to come out :) We did that with one of our babies; each of us told Baby a special thing we were looking forward to do with her or show her - and the next morning she knocked on the inside of my belly asking to get out, now! I'm positive it will work ;)

Carol Dee

My 1st was nearly 3 weeks late! I tried EVERYTHING !!! :) He finally can quickly on his own terms. But we joke to this day that we should have known he'd be late for everything and he has been for 31 years. LOL.


they do choose their own birth days don't they? a little reminder of the enormous amounts of letting go and relaxing into the uncertainty, as praents we will do much of!

you must be excited! may they have a quiet simple babymoon to get acquainted and bond...a food train was the best thing my friends did for me...(one meal prepared and delivered, quietly on the doorstep for 2 weeks....bliss!)


If you're daughter knows any belly dancing, there's evidence that initially, belly dancing was done for JUSt this purpose - keep all those muscles exercised and strong. I knew a woman who was in labor for hours and the baby just wasn't coming. She finally asked the Dr. for a moment, she stood up and did a whole belly dance routine and the baby was out within minutes... amazing!


Funny about the tying one's own boots; I remember going around with untied boots for the last week before my son was born. She sure does look happy... Wishes of strength and warmth to all.


Both of my girls were late (according to me not to them). They were just so cozy that they were not in a big hurry. I had induced labour scheduled for my youngest and she came out on her own. My obstetrician said that's what usually happens. Your d-in-l looks great tramping about in the forest and making snowmen! I could barely walk at the end of my pregnancies. Thinking about you all.


waiting is always the hardest part
can't wait to meet the little one


aww, hope grandbaby comes soon!

Amy Scott

I was born two weeks late- mom swears the only way she got me moving was to eat an entire large pizza! Six hours later, we were all set ;o)


oooh, this was me this time last year. the little guy turned up in the end ten days over due but just perfect. good luck!

Judy Brown

A happy view! Think of all the drivers slowing down, to rethink the fun in life. THAT snowman is outstanding in it's field!....(sorry) couldn't resist.


What a beautiful couple:) That little babe knows its cold out there! I am SO excited for you..Oma:)

carol in Santa Fe

The little baby is waiting for February 1st - a great day to be born on. Just ask me - I have enjoyed 71 of those so far and the 72nd will come on Wednesday.

Christine S

What a sweet Oma you are!

Sherry Harmes

Whoohoo! New life is always hard to wait for. Let the babe come in his/her own time and enjoy this time of your life. Cherish this waiting time as it will help you learn patience, which you will need loads of as your little one grows up. Looking forward to great news of this arrival! PS: my son helped deliver himself, but that's a whole other story. Hugs from Alaska.


Please give her and Ben a big hug from auntie G!

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Mais nous plaisantons à ce jour que nous aurions dû savoir qu'il serait en retard pour tout, et il a été pendant 31 ans. LOL.

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