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January 14, 2012


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well, Friday turned out to be not so bad after all, right ?!
your knitting project is gorgeous, the motif leaves me speechless

Lisa J

Ooooh, lucky indeed! I can almost smell those oranges.


sounds like a very lucky 13 for you.


I had a wonderful lucky 13 day too
love the softness of your pile of goodies
that knitting project is stunning - is it hard to do?
the cold today made me think about our trip - I'm super excited.
can't wait!

Katherine of Kitten's Lost Her Mittens

Sounds like a lucky day! I'm intrigued by your knitting project. The pattern is beautiful, but it looks difficult! What are you making?
x Katherine

Margaret Oomen

i am knitting a modified version of this toast wrap


It is not at all difficult if you have any experience with kitting with more that one color. (fair isle knitting)


So much for bad luck!!! I think perhaps it is your lucky day:) WONDERFUL finds..I can't believe the cashmere you are finding!!!! So lovely! Can't wait to see that knitting project..very enticing! I am knitting...a tiny bit:) Stich by stitch..Hugs!


You certainly have been finding treasures. That must be a special thrift store. That knitting project made me think of Arounna's patterns. I'm not surprised she likes it. :)


lovely knitting pattern. I haven't tried anything with colors at the same time. I hope to create something like this. Love it!

Love To Crochet

I;ve got to say I didn't realize this was knitting. Beautiful pattern.


your photos reflect some of the best parts of winter.


It's obvious you are NOT going to need any knitting lessons from me! Beautiful stuff. I'm happy to hear your Friday the 13th was so lucky.

Holly McLean

You did have a lucky day finding all those wools bits and the dress, as well as getting the oranges.
Whatever you're knitting, looks like it will be warm with the 2 layers.


Wow those are wonderful finds! And that knitting, amazing :)
You deserve such good luck, you spread so much good cheer.


your knitting is amazing. and hooray for lucky 13ths!

Judy Brown

Oo-ooo, love the liberty fabric!
If I'm not too late for a blue word or two...White.(can't seem to think of blue with out white)Smart, as in blazers. Getting the right blue is DIFFICULT but when you do, it's PERFECT.
Great opportunity, thanks Margaret, to think in Blue.


I love the inside of stranded knitting too. It's like a secret pattern that only us knitters will see 8)

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