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January 17, 2012


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Jill Wignall

Your so clever Margie! Your daughter will love it!

Jill Wignall

You're. oops


oh yes, you're right, I've seen D with turbans on several photos
so smart to use one skein only, that makes it practical
I should ask for my mom to knit me one (my skills stopped quite right away, or maybe I gave up a little bit ... ahem) Anyway.
I just wanted to correct you. You found the MOST attractive model ...
xoxoxo big hugs, turbaned beauty

Carol Dee

I do agree with Sonia, I rather like the model! Your knitting skills amaze me.


Wow! Turbans definitely suit you too, glad the kitties wouldn't model. I really must give knitting a go again, I just need a willing, I mean patient teacher. If I could just jet off to Canada you and Nicole would be dream instructors. One of you could show me how while the other counts stitches for me, I tend to forget to count ;) See patience needed.


We have that movie but haven't watched it. Good for you for being brave and including your photo which is quite nice btw. I go out of my way to exclude mine except for an out-of-focus one that I quite like. :)


I love how you just think of something and then do it. I love it and the model. I also love that movie. It is a movie that has really stayed with me in the years since I last saw it.


How Joan Crawford of you!


Sonia is right, you look lovely in that sweet and clever turban. I think you need to make one for yourself.

(and I swoon over your antique dresses)

Lisa J

It is almost as lovely as the model. I bet it's so soft too. Good job, momma!

Katherine of Kitten's Lost Her Mittens

It looks great! I'm very impressed with your knitting skills.


i'm also impressed! you are one clever lady.


While I admire the turban, I'm swooning over that dress!


i think you make a great model - and can definitely pull off a turban!


Great job ! And glad to see, according to Sonia's expression, such a pretty turbaned beauty !


In my current performance I am a little red hen knitting. I have a skein of red wool. You gave me a fantastic idea. I will make it while acting!


I think I need one too - D will love it
the photo of that dress is just stunning
I also loved that one hat you made (the red one)
I hope on our trip we do lots of knitting.


Margie..You have such a warm..welcoming face. I am smiling back at you:) Amazing how quickly that turban came together! My friend, who is teaching me to knit, is making a red one right now...the pattern was featured in Vogue knitting..So..How very VOGUE of you! Oh...and you know..now that I have mastered the knit stitch(that's it!!) I have to say..it is quite wondrous to sit..hold a piece of string in your hands..and watch it transform into material right before your eyes!


I can't wait to try my own turban! This looks great!

Melissa R

The turban looks so soft. And I loved that movie, but it was heartbreaking too, of course.

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