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February 17, 2012


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im going to guess a dragon because she was born in the year of the dragon???


this is such a beautiful piece, it reminds me of poppy leaves but then again a bird wing.... but I am sure someone else will know:) best wishes to you and your family Margie - Cathy

glaucia burgi

it remembers me a lion fish! because she is so special and unique :)
( I also though a paradise bird, but Rae's guess dragon is very good too:D)
anyway, a very beautiful work.


I thought of Pheonix, rebirth and immortality. You are reborn through your granddaugter!AriadnefromGreece!

Sonia / Cozy Memories

oh dear, you raise the bar, my gosh
I have no idea about what it could be
(so I'll enjoy what everyone wil say)
but one thing I know, is that it is utterly special & beautiful !

Brandy Ford

Beautiful! Is it The Blue Dragon aka Blue Ocean Slug?? My daughter is fascinated with dragons, and while searching came across the Blue Ocean Slug. Very neat creature. :)


Maybe a night bird or night owl? I looked up the meaning of Lilith's name.


To me it looks like a nudibranch. Perhaps Glaucus atlanticus?


It's a blue dragon nudibranch and I believe it's also called a sea swallow! How wonderful! Perhaps Lilith Grace loves the water and especially loves to float on her back, like the sea swallow. How lovely!


A beautiful blue betta fish the color of Lilith's eyes.

Vanessa (heyladygrey)

I was going to say a dragon, for the Chinese year of the dragon, but someone already guessed that... either way, it's looking beautiful!
Have a lovely weekend. Your grand-daughter is lucky to have an Oma like you : )

Shawna Zimmerman

Several others have already guessed it, but my guess is a blue dragon nudibranch.... the finished piece I am sure will be stunning!


the subject has been guessed, but i just wanted to comment on how RICH and luscious those layered blues are!!


Star Wars ice crystal.


Such a beautiful piece of your handiwork, Margie. Could it be a nightingale?? Whatever it is, I'm axious to see it finished!

Alicia Armstrong

My immediate guess was nudibranch before reading other comments, but I didn't know which species. After looking up blue dragon I'm sure they have hit the mark. My alternate guess was archaeopteryx, for the bird woman art associated with the name Lilith.


Love indigo!! Looks like the back end of a lizard. Hugs to Lilith!!


It's a glaucus atlanticus! I'm very intrigued as to how Lilith inspired you to make such a fantastical creature :-)


sure looks like glaucus atlanticus to me. i'm not quite sure how it might relate to lilith, other than that it is a tiny little creature with a surprising amount of power and talent?


I was going to say a dragon for the year she was born, but then I read about the mythological Lilith - bird woman http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Burney_Relief
Whatever you are creating, it is beautiful.


lots of wonderful guesses
I can't wait to see how it turns out
it's birdlike to me, but has a moss like quality and does look representative of a growth structure
have a great long weekend xx


I am LATE in playing along..I think the answer has been revealed! However..I asked my favorite boy:) he said..."a leaf"..So, we are going to guess the leaf of an indigo plant.."Mystery of shadow..giver of light"..a meaning of Lilith is "of the night"..therefore, the mystery of the shadow. And..one look at her sweet face and we ALL know she is a giver of light. Whatever you are stitching it is majical..as only you can do!


It's beautiful even though it's not finished yet...
I'm going to say a nightingale...for Lilith is 'of the night'. I imagine your beautiful, blue-eyed granddaughter has a sweet song like this wonderful bird.


My first thought was a dragon. Seemed very mystical. Then, the longer I looked at it I realized that it looks like an "almost done" coy fish. They can live LONG lives and are a mystical in their own right. My thought is that Lilith is mystical, magical, and you hope to live for hundreds of years to see all that she will do.


Hm, perhaps a little far fetched - Lilith wanted to be equal to men and stood for equal rights, both sexual and otherwise. The Glaucus is a hermafrodite and thus sexually equal.
And besides, sweet Lilith has blue eyes, the colour your wonderful glaucus.
She's beautiful!


I was thinking some kind of dragon, but i looked it up, after reading everyone's posts, and i'm putting my vote with the nudibranchers out there. WOW.

Anneke Broos

Ik geloof dat je Lillith hebt
willen weergeven in een klein nieuw varenblaadje.Zo voel ik dat,a little hugh for a newborn baby from another oma.Anneke

Judy Brown

Although I'd love to win a crocheted stone, just the new knowledge I've gleaned from this post is prize enough. I wonder if the first ultrasound of Lillith's inspired this study in indigo?


I'd bet it has to do with Lilith's name. This is a total guess, but could it be related to the willow tree in the Epic of Gilgamesh? It looks like both flora and fauna at once. At any rate, it's exquisite, as is its inspiration. I love your blog and just came upon it recently.

martha brown

Our guess is a sea swallow -- glaucus atlanticus :). My mom (judy) forgot to name it in her post :)

Melissa  8*)

I am thinking that this is Fern's fancy cousin Glaucus Atlanticus!!! It's also got a touch of the Dragon shape to honor the Chinese Year of the Dragon. And of course, the beautiful blue of that sweet baby Lilith Grace's eyes!!

Sounds like a wonderful combination to me!! 8*)

Jennifer Lightsey

Definitely a Blue Dragon Nudibranch. It is an indigo-ish aquatic version of those pacific Northwest snails you so love. And it has to be those aquatic eyes of Lilith Grace. It is lovely, truly.


I also immediately saw a dragon, but to be honest I thought it was not suitable for that cute little granddaughter of you. I forgot about the Chinese year of the dragon.... The 'wing-like' forms also makes me remember of how she spreads her little fingers. Beautiful!


nudibranch. definitely.

Carol Dee

Mythology and Biblical referances may hold the answer. But I went right to a flower! A Beautiful and rare fringed orchid or such. Still LOVE the name, she is lovely. Hugs....


A mi se me ocurre que es la mezcla entre Lilith, mujer alada, y la mitológica ave de trueno (Thunderbird).
Bellísimo bordado, y más bello todo el simbolismo con que lo realizas.... espero poder conocer la respuesta correcta!


Perhaps an angel?

Carol Dee

Another thought - A Bluebird, as in *The Bluebird of Happiness* for all the happiness she brought into this world with her. Happy Day, Hugs....


I guess a mermaid. it seems to me that she looks nestled like a pearl in a shell to nap.


It looks like the leaves of a dandelion to me....

Jill Wignall

a gecko?!


I think it looks like a cross between a lion fish and a salamander. =)

Darlene Charneco

oh so wonderful to see! Glaucus Atlanticus- the beautiful and amazing little sea slug/ nudibranch. perfect mascot for this year of the waterdragon. and what a gorgeous honoring of it by your skilled hands. <3


Like this one ;O)

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