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March 18, 2012


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What a wonderful post and back post. I love Fern and I'm so happy to see my garden and yours come alive again. You can call me an true FF (Fern fan).


Little Fern is all her slimy glory! :-) I did miss her!


Stunning little him/her. I just went back and read all the questions and answers about Fern. Seems to me a book about Fern would be as popular as the Wild Snail Eating ( if I've got it right).


Oh Fern - you're beautiful :) Thanks for this lovely blog!


oh yes I missed you & yours, Fern !!
thank you for the smile, Margie :)


Well, it's a sure sign that spring truly is here to stay! Hello little one.

Carol Dee

Hello Fern. Welcome Spring!

Judy Brown

Hello Margaret
I missed the Fern Q&A post, so was happy to be directed to it.
Welcome to spring 2012 Fern,


Oh my goodness!!! What a tale Fern has to tell..Zach and I had some good chuckles reading all about lovely Fern:) Makes me want a snail in our bathroom!:)

Julie Clay

Oh how cute is that snail. So pretty.
On a walk many years ago, my (then)little Son discovered lots of pretty snails, he had to bring home.....? We had years of zillions of snails in the garden...aaagh. I think the hard winters and the dry springs have wreaked havoc with them tho, not so many now. Still the pretty thrush had lots to eat for ages :)

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