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April 26, 2012


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Sonia / Cozy Memories

Beautiful feathers indeed ! And what a precious scene to witness in the wood Nothing like that happened to me, saddly. It must have felt pretty magical & nice.
Hoping the sun is shining in the sky & in your heart today.


these are lovely, Margie.
such a peaceful thing to do: to walk in the woods


I started reading your blog after the stone diaries. Thank you for introducing me to the sharing of stones. I love the thought of all those beautiful stones travelling from all over the world to your home, Margie.

Lisa J

I loved reading about the great feather migration and thought about sending one to Geninne also. I was thinking about having a great gold ingot migration here...

Love that little shrine. Good eye for spotting it.


That feather shrine is very intriguing. (Thanks for the link to your stone diaries.)


This is so beautiful..I never read the Stone Diaries..I have just spent the most peaceful hour reading them..and enjoying them immensly. I am going to rest..right here, and read more. Somehow..you always have a gift. Whether it is a picture, or one of your lovely inspirational works of art..or a story. I am so very glad I found your blog in this BIG world. Thank you Margie..XXOO

Valerie Heck

I found a little birds nest right in the rose bushes against my garage. It's fun to see the bird fly around and build it's nest! Not sure what kind of bird it is.


I make feather offerings like that filled with prayers. I often stick them in the cracks in the bark. Love that the Macaw feather is there amongst the others, I have a few of those and they are just lovely.


Do you know of Jude Hill's "Magic Feather Project"? You and Geninne might love it.



I love your Stone Diaries! Thank you for contributing to my collection, I LOVE the ones you brought me :-)
@KarenLR: Yes! I've seen all the beautiful feathers people have been sending Jude...it's an amazing project!

Carol Dee

The blue feather is AMAZING, at 1st I rhought it was 2 feathers together!
The Feather shrine looks like childs play! (Or somthing I might have left in the woods as a chld.) :)
Is that a hummers nest? It looks so tiny.
Great pics as always, TFS :) Hugs...


Amazing nest!

Carola Baaij

Dear blog friend
Thanks for sharing your beautiful pictures and collections. I am a stone collector for about 40 years now and they are everywhere in the house and the garden but... I realized that from some I forgot where I found them :-(
I think about a way to register. And is it very impertinent to ask you to tell me the iPhone-tric for macro? Thanks from Amsterdam Holland.

sewa elf

Very nice, thanks for sharing.

Dagmar Leuenberger-Swift

You blog is filled with such love and joy..makes reading your words and seeing your photos a wonderful part of my week...wishing you a happy weekend.❤

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