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May 25, 2012


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Sonia / Cozy Memories

I hear you about the detritus, it is such a shame & horror :(
I love this collection of what you collected. So many treasures !
The skulls are quite amazing. Is that a duck foot I spy ?


Amazing collection. Oh if only we could learn from the rest of nature, and only leave behind things of beauty.

ashley w-p

beautiful!! it sounds like a very lovely day despite the debris.. (maybe you'll consider sending it towards 'thingsorganizedneatly.tumblr.com'?-- i check it often for beautiful collections like yours that soften their usual groupings)


I'm so happy to see your collection. I found a bird skull last year at the beach that I collected, and my family has been making fun of me ever since. But clearly, I am not the only one! What a fabulous collection you found!


So many beautiful finds. You must have spent many very happy hours lost in the hunting – bliss.
Happy weekend :)


What beautiful photos. I've found a few bird torsos (backs? what do you call that part of the skeleton?) over the years - It took me a long time to figure out what they were!


it's unfortunate that there always seems to be garbage, but glad you found so many beautiful treasures as well.

Lisa J

The duck foot made me laugh out loud. And the clothespin. How wonderfully random. Love that you thought to pick them both up, I think that makes you kind of kooky in just the right kind of way. xo

Dorien Ruben

Wonderful finds!!


You have such great luck in finding treasures:) These are wonderful...and I sympathize with you as I sit here and smell the plastic my neighbor is burning..Some people just don't get it!

lynda howells

what a beautiful blog today..great images shame about the plastic but iunfortunetly it is every where these days. Some people just don't think! Lynda

lynda howells

I meant to also say..you should make these images into posters.xlynda


tks for your sharing. it is very good. nice article.

ralph lauren pas cher

Höre ich Sie über das Geröll, es ist so eine Schande & Horror: (
Ich liebe diese Sammlung dessen, was Sie gesammelt. So viele Schätze! Sehr guter Blog, war glücklich, hier viel lernen, ich hoffe, ich kann sehen oft, ich danke Ihnen sehr!

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