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May 02, 2012


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Love your crochet rocks.
Thanks for the giveaway. Looks like a great aspirational book.

wintu  nancy

Always good to learn of new ways to make things from saved/salvaged goodies. Thanks for helping one of us win a copy of the book.


Thank you for the giveaway!! This looks like an awesome book, with good beginner projects :) Your photos are lovely, btw.


That book looks super cool.


That book looks really inspirational. Love your interpretation of the portfolios,they are very pretty. xx


I'm always up for reinventing. I've been begging our local library to let me have/buy their old card catalogue. They're using it as a phone stand right now.

Becky C.

Can't wait to see more of what's inside the book! Such an exciting accomplishment. Thanks for sharing your beautiful portfolios and story.


I love Maya's blog and her "barn" is amazing! I'm so happy she's been able to write a book.


Your portfolios are beautiful, and I would love the book!


Love this project! Please add me to the drawing.


love the pieces you made and
big congrats to maya on a lovely book


this is the century of reinventing, for sure... will we learn to throw away less, to be more careful in our choices...? A worthy read, I am certain :)


Wow! Thanks for the opportunity!


That book looks just fabulous, a real must have for reinventors! Your portfolios are lovely, I'll spurt over to Craft for the pdf :)


I Love the look of this book, and the whole idea of it.
Your portfolios have such an old-world look and feel to them, really special.
I'm and artist and handwork teacher in a Steiner school in Ireland and am always on the lookout for inspiring new projects which use materials we may already have. Thanks for sharing.


The univers of Maya seems so rich (I love the playhouse mushroom).
Thanks for the giveaway (and your beautiful photos)

Sonia / Cozy Memories

I couldn't have thought of a better project for using 1) your dyed fabrics 2) Geninne/you's print 3) the laces. Utterly heavenly !
Thanks for the chance to win, Maya has done an amazing job on her book !


I will be following this blog tour because I love the idea of reinvention and repurposing. We have a wealth of materials close at hand and I would love to have this book to try new concepts and open my eyes to see what is around me in new ways. Your blog does that for me consistently and I appreciate the time you give all of us. What a gift!


Love what you made ! Can't wait for my copy it's omits way so don't enter me just wanted to say I love this,


this book would be a great inspiration. Would love to participate in the give-away!


love your description of Maya house & barn going to pop over there now...your project looks amazing...


This looks like such a lovely book, I'd be over the moon to win a copy. Thanks for the opportunity.


happy and proud for maya! one of my first internet friends as well. i love so much seeing the success of people i love from those shared early internet design world days.


Your portfolios came out beautiful. I love the colors and pop of lace.


I'd love to have this book. It looks so inspiring like everything Maya does.

Charlene Miller

Would love to get this book! So many Great projects... Thanks for the chance.

Mousy Brown

Your portfolios are beautiful! Thank you for the opportunity to win a copy of the book, it looks wonderful!


I have been waiting for this book to be published since Maya first mentioned it on her blog so long ago (it seems). Thanks for the opportunity to win a copy, Margie.


Looks fab, thanks for the chance to win.

Ellen M.

I was not familiar with Maya and her work - very inspiring. I would love to win - thanks to everyone for the chance!!


Your portfolio's are gorgeous! I would love to be entered for a chance to win! So many inspirational links too! Thank you for sharing..YOU are always an inspiration!!!!


I would like to be a reinventor :) Thanks for this generosity!


Thanks so much for the chance at winning this book. Everything in it looks gorgeous.


I have been reading Maya's blog ever since I started reading yours too!What a great giveaway!AriadnefromGreece!


This looks like a fabulous book! Thank you for being part of the blog tour.

Melissa R

Those pouches are so cute. Love to reuse! Love the book :)

Lisa J

So excited about her book! And your pouches are gorgeous.


Downloaded that pdf yesterday - can't wait to try it this weekend! Love your use of lace in it, a true reinvention.


So lovely ~ Your projects show how to make them your own beautifully!


Oh exciting!!!
looks like a fun-filled book!

greedy nan

I felt like I was there with you. What a fab giveaway.

Tara Jane

Love Maya, this book would be a great inspiration for a summer of creating!

Donna B.

Makes me realize I need to be busy creating........

Jessie Hansen

It's funny, to me at least, you are the one who introduced me to Maya. Love her!


Thank you for the giveaway! Her book looks so amazing!


Thanks for the chance to win...I think the portfolio would be a great use for an outgrown plaid shirt I have saved and set aside to re-use.

amanda {the habit of being}

i love the portfolio pouches. so useful and so pretty.

thanks for the opportunity!

Linda F.

This book looks like a great addition to my library!


thanks! i can't wait to add this book to my collection.


I would love more inspiration in reusing materials in creative ways!

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