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August 17, 2012


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She is quite the talented embroiderer! Leave it to you to make me see beauty in spiders.


What an awesome spider! And I've seen that zipper decoration on a net of a Wasp Spider. I wanted to take a photo of it, but hadn't my camera with me. When I returned it was gone.

elle squared

We just discovered one of these very spiders on our blackroot flowers. Very impressive spider for our northern climes!

Christine S

Wow, the natural world never ceases to amaze me. Thanks for sharing your photos.


I saw some of these a long time ago, long before I had a digital camera. Your photos are awesome, and the details in the weave of the "zipper" is simply breathtaking. You know you converted me three years ago to the beauty of spiders.


I've never seen these, so amazing! I hope you get the chance to stitch its likeness, I'm sure your version will be amazing too.


Love the markings on that beautiful spider and its wonderful zipper web. (And can't see a zipper without thinking of Arounna's pouches!)

Carol Dee


Mary Jo Hoffman



I had a spider friend for several months with whom I had conversations. I even witnessed her natural death. It was quite touching. When she heard my voice she would come out from her lair and stay until I left the room, then go back.

I have never seen such a web, nor such a spider. Do you know its name? It is quite a beauty.

Thanks for your appreciation and view of such natural wonders!

Kim Reedich

I just saw one of these last weekend in Wisconsin. I love the web it weaves!


I think it might be in the same family as the St. Andrews Cross Spider we commonly find in Australia. The "zips" on the web are where the spider places pairs of legs shen lying in wait for a mea. I found a really nice website which shows the spider and it's web in good detail. Your photos are just gorgeous. http://www.brisbaneinsects.com/brisbane_weavers/StAndrew.htm

Annie @ knitsofacto

Oh my goodness, that is awesome. I have never seen anything like that 'zipper' here and will now have to do some research to discover if such a thing could be seen in the UK. The spider is equally unlike anything we have here. Just awesome Margie, thank you x

Holly McLean

I confess a certain aversion to spiders. It seems built in, but as one who is often in awe of the natural world I try to overcome it. I do see the beauty in them. I've never seen or heard of the zipper. I must see if we have them around here.


It's absolutely fascinating!

Ren @ The Red Wren

What amazing photos! Thank you for sharing. As Lisa said, my first thought was that she must be a relative of the St Andrew's Cross spider. I have a yard full of them but haven't got a camera that can capture the true beauty of them. You can see an attempt at capturing on at the very end of this post on my gardening blog http://myrenvironment.com/?p=1908.


What beautiful pictures - the wonders of nature never cease to amaze me :)

Valerie Heck

Wonderful photos, my sister just took some photos of a beautiful spider as well. We were surprised since she is scared of spiders. http://kellyheckphotography.blogspot.com/2012/06/green-garden-spider.html


I love your blog - it fills my thirst for the tiny moments in nature. I especially love the mushrooms and insects -Thank you!
I recently found a web of baby spiders against my front door side glass. It was stunning and shaped in the shape of Tasmania, which is one of the states of Australia where I live.Unforgettable and captured on my iPhone :)

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