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October 31, 2012


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Joanne Seale

You may find this 1920s clip interesting, it shows the traditional hairstyles in great detail http://www.britishpathe.com/video/dutch-delights-aka-dutch-women-working-dutch-girl/query/holland


LOVE this:) These things fascinate me too:) Happy Halloween to you and your little PUMPKIN:) Yesterday morning, I was taking care of a wee little babe..I asked her Mama, "What did you name her?" She said, "Lillith"...I smiled, and thought of YOU:)


Thank you Margie for always providing something new to learn. This is of special interest to me as I've always been drawn to all things Dutch, with many pictures, figurines and wooden shoes among the many collections I've gathered along the way. It all reminds me of the beauty and tradition that is disappearing from our world. I wonder what lies behind the ornaments worn above the temples?? Thanks also to Joanne for the link to that film!

Cynthia Baxter

What's the story with the sproingie doingies in the hair?


I'm Dutch so I live this blogpost ( though me or my familiy never wore such clothes...)


Love the pictures Margie! My family is from the Netherlands too and goes back to at least the 16th century. The golden things called casque of "oorijzer" and the were used to keep the lace cap in place. It was worn by the people of the northern provinces and Zealand "Zeeland". It was also used as jewelry to show you're welth, just like the lace cap. The more expensive the lace and casque were the more wealthier the family was.
Not many women wear it today, it takes a lot of time to get dressed that way. My family never wore them, because they come from Brabant wich had more plain costumes with a cap called a "poffer". Museums try to keep the knowledge about the costumes. You can see them at:http://www.openluchtmuseum.nl/en/collectie&sub=5
Maybe this is nice to(friesian): http://www.hindeloopen.com/nl/hindeloopen/over-hindeloopen.

Carol Dee

I did enjoy the book pages as I have a good bit of Dutch on Mother's side of the family. :) Thanks for sharing.


And smile I did. These are fantastic. Wonderful post, thanks :)

lisa saputra

those are awesome!!! :D


Fascinating! Thanks for this post.


What a hoot & warms my heart to see these lovely photos! If only we could celebrate the diversity of our planet's cultures, costume, food, dance, music. We would all be the better for it. Thanks, Margie!


wow i've never seen some of these - thanks for sharing margie!

lion costume

Ahhhh, the sweet memories of the Halloween of old. Good times, definitely some good times were had. Thank you for sharing your old yet amazing costumes. They are so wonderful.

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