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November 14, 2012


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My favorites are the handcrafted lovelies from my son. Each year, we make new ones, starting with crayon scrawls by an 11 month old, and fourteen years later, fused glass beauties that he makes with love and care.

monique smith

This year I've joine Christina Lowry in a handmade ornamaent swap seen here http://www.alittlebirdtoldme-craft.com/2012/11/swap-progress-link-up.html and have had more fun creating for another person whom I don't know . This makes the effort of producing craft more inspiring and creative process, the thrill of the secret is fun. I really cant wait to send my little mice off to their new homes. The above reason make these little mice special to me and hopefully to someone else. http://moniquesmess.blogspot.com.au/2012/11/swing-and-whiskers.html


Definitely the decorations I make with my kids each year. It brings back memories of years past when we hang each of them up on the tree. It's funny how seeing them can take you back to a certain stage in their life, or of specific thing that happened during the making or the season of each ornament! Thanks for the giveaway!


Every year I pull out the silver wire and bead ornaments I made, on my own on my first Christmas away from home. I'd just escaped from an abusive relationship, and was determined to spend that Christmas making happy memories to try and replace all the old ones with. That Christmas was spent entirely with friends, collecting holly from the local parks for decor and making dinner from farmer's market food. It was lovely, and every time I pull out those ornaments I think about how good all my friends were, and how they kept me going.


I am the family stocking maker. My own Christmas stocking is one of my most cherished possessions. The front features a pair of rabbits kissing under the mistletoe, cross stitched by my mother. The back is cut from a soft, old corduroy shirt, my father's favorite, given to me after his death. The cuff is a small pink crocheted piece made by my mother-in-law. Its mate tops my husband's stocking. Family memories coming together in a cherished stocking symbolize Christmastime for me.

Catherine @ Knotted Cotton

What a lovely giveaway, thank you! I treasure a tiny felt horse with a wooly mane because he is beautiful and was made for me by my mother. But of course I also love the strange little things my children made out of pipe cleaners and egg boxes!

Holly McLean

It's very sweet. I've made many ornaments in the past as well as several different Santas that I put out every year.they are all special. One thing that stands out though is a nativity scene that I sculpted from bread clay about 30 years ago. The clay was made from white bread, white glue and coloring which was kneaded and then shaped. The pieces are smaller than 2 1/2 inches.

Melissa R

I have a boxful of Christmas ornaments that came to my tree via my marriage. My mother-in-law is crafty and throughout all of my husband's young life she made ornaments. One of each kind was put into a box for her child to take to his own home "someday". I was 33 when I married and I had a treeful of ornaments of my own. We'd had to make room to fit both collections. They don't all fit, but each year we choose the most special including some made by his grandmother, who was the only source of kindness, love and caring, through much of his life. Our tree is full of handmade, including my Dixie cup bell from Girl Scouts and his shrunken-apple-head from elementary school. We continue to add handmade as our child grows his own ornament collection that will go to his home someday.


My Middle Kid and I made a festive wreath from toilet rolls. All 'round awesomeness, (we thought)!



the few, faded and falling apart Christmas tree ornaments that i've managed to hang onto from childhood. When i look at them I can recall the mystery and magic that is Christmas.


As my home now is tiny I had to downsize the decoration that I pull out of storage for holidays. Mostly I decorate with candles and so 'illuminate' during dark season. Around candles I put lots of natural objects, like moss and cones or seeds and those are really my favorite because they remind me of the time spent in the woods.

Kym Hunter

My favorite ornaments are the ones my 4 children made through out elementary school. I especially love the ones that were made with a that grades photos. My children are all grown and they enjoy seeing the ornaments and reminiscing with their siblings.

Katie Bentley

My Grandmother was a wonderful artist and fashion design professor. She designed a set of 6 needlepoint pillow-style ornaments, and made a set for the people most important in her life at the time. (Around 1976) They are my favorite ornaments on my parent's tree and I hope to inherit them one day.


I've made many ornaments over the years. The one that comes most clearly to mind is one I made when I was 7 or 8, in Brownies. It was a fabric covered circle, with a picture of myself in the middle. I can remember making it, gluing down fabric and lace, and proudly giving it to my dad when it was done. Somehow it's come to live with me after all these years.


We have little beaded angels made with clear beads and safety pins and a wooden bead that boyfriends step grandmother made in time beyond memory. We inherited them when she passed away a few years ago at the age of 95. When I met her, time had gnarled her hands and body, so it's fun for me to think of her nimble fingers stringing beads and sorting and painting the little cheeks just so.

Elizabeth Parish

Pinecones and magnolia leaves covered in glitter made by my then 4 year old son, Porter. They are hung with pipe cleaners on the Christmas tree.

Andrea thompson

I made a yarn wrapped angel in a library prgram when i was very young, and when ever i pull out that particular ornament it makes me happy, even though there are plenty of other handmade or lovingly received ornaments on the tree as well.
Thank for the chance to win, i love your little pines!

Susan McDaniel

My favorite decoration is a craftstick reindeer, my 28 yr old daughter made in elementary school. Brings back memories of her young years.
Thank you for the chance to win. Love, Love your Trees!

Jenna C.

I love these scenes you have created, and indigo is one of my most favorite colors, at any time of year. As for a special decoration - I have a knitted garland that I use on my holiday tree. The yarn is from my mother, who received it from the elderly woman, a Holocaust survivor, who taught her how to knit. I was making it in the days before my second son was born, while my sister was visiting. She asked me to teach her to knit, and so her first project was to help me create this holiday garland. These interlocking loops of wool contain the pain, wisdom, and compassion of a persecuted survivor; the thoughts and love of a woman and her two daughters, a young mother and her unborn son; and the hopes of a family for peace in this world.

Laura Shin

I have many ornaments made by crafty friends and even a few I made myself but I think my favourites are the lace snowflakes and angels made by my mother. For many years she was too busy with work and rearing children to craft. One day in an effort to quit smoking she decided to take the money she spent on cigarettes and spend it on herself. The main things she bought were craft supplies and magazines. The an worked. She quit cold turkey thirty-three years ago and has become a fearless crafter--even taking up quilting in her late 60s. Her house is filled with thread and scraps but she's happy and healthy and 83.

Tina W.

My favorite decorations are the ones my siblings and I made when we were little. My mom puts them on the tree every year.


Every year we make our Christmas tree :)
We live in a very small flat and have no space for a real tree so we make ours. The one I liked more was the first we made: http://www.conloscuatro.com/2007/01/feli-any-nou-feliz-ao-nuevo.html
we dacorated it with painted peanuts, you can see some here: http://www.conloscuatro.com/2007/01/ms-fotos-de-larbre-ms-fotos-del-rbol.html


One of our ornaments that I hold dear is a tree gnome I made when our son was 3 (he's 17 now!). It is one of the first projects I did with wool felt which has become a staple stitching material since. The ornament reminds me of a sweet time in our young family life. When I tuck the little guy into the tree each year, the children like to search for him as he is a playful spirit and likes to hide. :)
Thank you for the chance to win. Of course, your handwork is beautiful!


Last year was the first that we ventured out from just painting some unfinished wooden ornament and tried the girls' hand at sewing. Very basic sewing but sewing nonetheless. It was various sizes of felt all stacked up and sewn up the middle to look like a tree. The care that went into them was just amazing and they turned out so good for being made by a 4 and 7 year old!! I hope they will have happy memories of making them... :) I know I do!


I knew it would be indigo which I love!
I have a huge collection of ornaments because my parents collected them before me. Their collection consists of old glass ornaments but every Christmas one breaks as if by custom. They are too fragile.Among them there are two cotton handmade ornaments made by my mum when she was young one is an angel and the other is a Santa. These I think are my favourite as they are the oldest of all!AriadnefromGreece!

Melinda (@veloheart)

Dear Margaret, I have been loving following along on your Instagram. Thank you for bringing your beautiful photos and creations into my life - and thank you for this giveaway! My favourite ornaments live at my parents' house in BC. They are painted seed pods (perhaps milkweed, but I'm unsure) made by my mother when she was very young, during WWII. She lived then outside Montreal, so these have been magical to me forever -- from another time and place. xM.

patti beau

ive made my parents a number of ornaments, but my favourite one that theyve kept since i was in gr2 is a small gingerbread cookie that has a hole in it and a piece of yarn tied through it. its dried, and kind of ugly, but it smells like christmas and lets me know they loved even my ugliest creations. thats for having a giveaway :D


What beautiful ornaments you have been making! Also have been following along on IG, marveling at your process!
I have the sweetest little clay painted piggy-bank ornament that was given to me at age 5. It is green with little white flowers on it, from some aunt or uncle's trip to mexico in the late 70's and it is full of my pennies, hopes and dreams from childhood. I love that it is clay and symbolizes the medium I use so often in my making.

colleen j.

my grandma has made my sisters and i and tree ornament every year since we were born. i love getting them out every christmas, they are very near and dear to my heart.

thank you for sharing your wonderful little creations.

Julian Higuerey

I've kept as a favorite the very first piece of knitting I ever did, it is a very ugly pink, and the needlework is terrible, but I treasure it as my first immersion into the world of craft. measuring only 10 cm square I have it framed an on my bedroom wall, it is one of the very first things I see every morning.

Sonia / Cozy Memories

What an amazing & generous giveaway, my friend. I can't resist such beautiful things !! The ornaments that are special to my heart are the ones my sons made on our first advent calendar, in 2008. I try to get them make a new one each year, and they always are happy about making a new one ! Here they are : http://www.flickr.com/photos/cozymemories/3102327981/
Sending you big hugs xoxo


My mother (who is no longer with us and I was only 1 when she passed away) made a collection of wooden goods that I had the privilege to play with as a child. The most dominant hand crafted pieces that I love and cherish is Noah's Ark Collection (an ark along with the animals that fit inside) and 2 large elephants that are on wheels. They are plain wood silhouettes without any colour or detail.
They are no longer a toy but an ornament that proudly sits on my shelf.
Jessica x


One of my favourite decorations are some mexican tin ornaments that I inherited from my mother - nice bright pink and red colours. thanks for the giveaway!


How adorable - as always!


When I was in kindergarten, I made a Rudolph ornament from a wooden spool, a red pompom for the nose, a pipe cleaner for the antlers, and I drew two black eyes with a crayon. My mom has put that ornament on her tree every year since I made it and always points it out to me. I will be fifty this year and with every passing year, that ornament holds a dearer place in my heart.


When i was 6 or 7, my godfather gave me a 'build and paint your own angel' kit. I built and painted my angel, i carefully attached the wooden hallo, and i really wanted to see it sitting at the top of our tree, but i couldn't bear the thought of dethroning the existing angel, one i nicknamed 'phyllis diller angel'. so instead we had an arrangment that one year it would be my angle atop the tree and the next year it would be phyllis. My mom still alternates the angels each year. The wonder of angels, lovely giveaway. Happyholidays as and when they arrive,

Elisa B.

I love love love these little trees and the deer. I would love to win. *fingers crossed*

Every year my mom and dad would get three ornaments (usually handmade and purchased from the local art association) that slightyly match (not exactly match but that were obviously from a series or belong in a group) and they would be our family ornaments and be grouped nearby one another. They are always my favorite, especially since I am grown up and live on my own now. They are always a special reminder of our little family trio.

Thanks for the giveaway!


My favorite handmade ornaments are made by my boyfriend's mom. They are these hilarious photo collages, and they really stand out on the tree amidst the store-bought birds. One in particular is a photo of my boyfriend and his brother as kids, and she cut them out and painted antlers and red noses on them. The ornaments have a sense of humour, and I like that.


last year was the first christmas my partner and i had our very own apartment since moving to a foreign land 3 years ago. we got a tree for the first time and since we had nothing to put on it, i painted 200 little paper balls and strung them up as a garland. year round, they live on my wall. my plan is to make a new strand for every year that we're here.


One year, my mother and I made tons of felt ornaments with sequins and beads. We also made a wonderful felt tablecloth with birds, also adorned with sequins and beads. This was put on the table every year at the holiday.
All of these have become lost, but the memory remains of them, with the candles lit, and the scent of baking special goodies.


Beautiful! My most special ornaments are the ones my daughters make for our tree every year. Last year we made glittered covered pine cones from ones we found in our front yard.


I remember as a child, my mother had this beautiful nativity set hand-sculpted out of terra cotta. My favourite part was the animals. Ever since, I have had an obsession with sculpting animals out of clay. My favourite are deer, with their long legs and delicate antlers.


my favourite ornaments I've made for gifts are the animals printed on fabric and made into little hanging softie. I like how they can be hung year round too.

Sam K.

I'm in my 30s now and have lived away from home nearly half my life - but every Christmas my mother still hangs the stockings she made for us as children. Such a sweet reminder of childhood.


I am very fond of an ornament Emma and I made together when she was three (she is now 17). It is a reindeer made out of a toilet paper roll sprayed with gold paint and twigs for antlers. Sounds silly but I truly love it, although Emma may be embarrassed to see it out each year. :)


My favorites are little paper houses my parents put together when we were little. They hung them on our tree after we had gone to bed as gifts from santa


Ok...here goes:) When I was little my parents had the most FANTASTIC ornament collection...EVER:) There were "Children of the world" dressed in native costumes...there were strings of tiny elves..lots of little animals..Oh..I LOVED our tree..Unfortunately, almost all of it got ruined in a flood. My parents both died within the last five years, and two years ago, at Christmas my sister sent me a small package..Inside..One little vintage mouse, holding a candle on her platter..dressed in a little red dress and green tights..Part of her foot was missing..and she was a little dirty..but she survived the flood..I cried..She is my favorite ornament ever!


Such sweet stories, perfect for a sweet giveaway. Last year, for my son's first Christmas, I embroidered him a little ornament with a deer, his name, and the year on it. It definitely looks homemade (let's be honest, the letters are more than a little wonky), but I like to imagine him putting his own special ornament on the tree each year, knowing that it was made just for him.


As a homeschool mom I would invite other homeschool children over for a day of Christmas crafting and decorating cookies. The ornament my son made - a simple stuffed felt pine tree with sparkle & sequin decorations is still my favourite, although made so many years ago. Also much loved ornaments are those given to me by my late mother-in-law that she had in the farmhouse when her boys were little during the 1950's. Her handpainted wooden angel of Gabriel and her small net & wire fairy-like angels with gold tinsel for hair are much loved and tucked into the branches of the tree.


I made a 5 meter string of small origami stars out of newspapers when I was 13 years old and they still last (now I am 27). Every christmas we take them out and hang them around our tree... which is a dry branch that my mother chooses eash year. I love them and would love to show all of you to make them because they are realy beautiful.

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