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November 14, 2012


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My father loved to work with wood... he made different things for each season. In winter I especially love his Kerzenbogen - the motive is Nikolaus, with a sledge full of parcels, walking through snow-covered woods... there are many other treasures handmade by him around us and it does help so much... he will be always in our minds and with his work he really is around and it is so good to remember how much he loved to do this kind of work... I still can see his hands working and hear his whistling full of joy in his workshop... so precious... many candles have been lit and will be lighted...

All the best for you and thanks for your wonderful work and the joy you bring to us!
Love, Birgit


i think one of my favorites were a family of white cornstarch clay turkeys my children and i made one year with our handprints (were they ever that small?!) I'm so thankful i have them (framed now)and love that they are a little family ;-)
Your ornaments and decorations are so lovely - evocative of a cold moonlit winter night...


I have a small wooden carved mouse that sits on my decorative chimney stones. I bought it at a small arts and crafts gallery and it was carved by a little old man. It's special to me because it's so very simple and sweet, it was made by hand, and it's the first thing that moved into my current home with my (not quite yet) husband even before I did.

Chrissy Sparks

My favorite ornaments are the ones that my daughters have made... they each have one with their photo on it & I love seeing their sweet smiling faces hanging on the hand-painted/hand-colored ornament frame :)


I love all the decorations my children made over the years but one time we made little Christmas trees out of clay and glazes them green and glued little red balls on them with a yellow star on top and every year they make my heart smile. I love your indigo trees and wooden animals. Your art is so sweet and peaceful and such a joy...thank you!


Those little trees are too beautiful for words!

Martha brown

My favourite ornament is on my mom's tree.... I made it over 40 years ago in school. It's a lump of (clay?) painted brown and yellow, with a yarn hanger. It's on the tree every year, no matter what the theme of the tree is ( okay, sometimes it is at the back, near the bottom :) on my own tree, my favourite is one that my daughter made when she was in school. It 's a cork, painted (faintly) with red, and it has a piece of glittery red pipe cleaner sticking out of it, which has been bent into a heart shape. Both of these ornaments are so simple, yet given and received with much love.


This year as a homework assignment for the School of Supernatural Life I was asked to create something that reflected the type of fathering I would like to receive. I chose to make a plush eagle and stuff its wings with downy songbird feathers I've found and collected over the past few months. I look forward to adding him to my tree, an indication that Papa God is far-seeing, wise, sharp, resourceful, powerful, graceful, and perfectly at home on the heights in which I feel the most free, natural, and safe.


Five years ago I spent Christmas Eve and Day alone. At the time, I lived in an apartment building and my living room windows looked out on another building's windows. From the distance of a city street, I could see into other people's apartments as they celebrated together and I felt sorry for myself.

So, I took the stack of paper in my computer printer and started to cut snowflakes that I taped to my windows to obscure the view. This simplest thing, cutting paper snowflakes for myself alleviated the loneliness I felt. By the time my living room windows were well covered, I was singing to myself, feeling happy and peaceful.

As winter was turning into spring that year, I carefully peeled the tape off the windows and refolded my snowflakes, storing them in a bentwood round box that belonged to my great-grandmother. Every year I replace some ripped snowflakes and add more to the collection. Taping them up and cutting more each year has become a ritual for one, reminding me to take joy from simple things during the busy weeks around Christmas and to share that joy with other people who might otherwise be feeling lonely.

Kim Reedich

My favorite homemade ornament is the pinecone Santa my husband made as a young child: toothpicks for arms, cotton balls for hands, sequins for eyes, and green felt for his suit. A tattered green ribbon is what it hangs by. So innocent and sweet!


not exactly an ornament perse but my best friend is pregnant and I just finished making her a surprise dream catcher in ceramic with small wooden and gold details. this time next year her little one will be experiencing the first holiday season and I hope the dream catcher will be around for many many more years to come!


When I was very little my brothers made glittered bells with all our names on them. They're very simple but every year we four siblings tried to get our own individual ornament front and centre on the tree, we still do it when we're all home at my parents for the holidays. It's funny to us and will always give us giggles. The most amazing thing is that we still have all four bells intact ;)
Lovely giveaway Margie, xo


A friend makes the most beautiful (to look at and to hold) ceramic Christmas stars. Creamy porcelain with hand-stamped red lettering...our tree has stars that twinkle with our names, our son's names, our beloved pets' names as well as words like cherish and remember.

p.s My friend's work can be viewed on her blog Instinct and Grace.


my family is all aroun the Globe, so I made wood cubes with pictures of us and colorful papers to hang in Christmas trees and send them! it was a success :)

than you for the opportunity! love your work!


I love to make snowflakes by snowcatcher's patterns, they're really beautiful. I've learned to crochet on them. Another special thing is paper crib that was left to me by my great uncle. Inherited things bring the special people back, don't they?


I always thought an orange picked with cloves was the most enchanting decoration on the tree...
But there is so much to be made. Little hands, get ready! (How i adore Advent time!)


I have a very fragile skiing Santa made from a pine cone that was made by my mum - she was born in 1914 so it must be pretty old!!!


Every year, a blogger friend and I send eachother hand made ornaments and cards. I love to receive her package just before xmas. Seeing her ornaments adorn my windows each winter is a sign that even if you're far far away from eachother, a friendship can last.


My grandmother always set up a lovely snow scene with old, German ornaments, little trees and cotton batting for snow. She had various small mirrors scattered around the scene and skaters skating on the mirror lakes. My mother took over making the scene when my grandmother died, then I took over when I was a teenager because I am an artist and Mom thought that I did a great job. I love the whole scene, but there are many, many ornaments within this collection that I absolutely love made by me and my sister. My all time favorite, though, is a small pine cone painted with thick, white paint. It is the best little snow covered tree ever. I don't know why it holds special significance for me, but I smile every time I bring it out and place it on the edge of one of the mirrored lakes. At the end of setting up, I sprinkle snow on top of everything... its like being inside a snow globe!


All of my childhood decorations are now half a globe away, but I'm already amassing a small collection in my new home ;) My favourite 'old' decoration is a beautiful white rocking horse with sequins on it that my penpal sent me from England when I was about 8 or 9. My new ornaments are mostly traditional Austrian straw ornaments, some of which my Schwiegermutter made and gave to me last year. They are so stunning, and the straw has a beautiful glow when offset with pine branches and candles :) I feel so privileged to be entrusted with a tradition from my adopted country! In return I'm making my Schwiegereltern some ornaments this year - I'm on a felt kick and am making a deer pair.

Those wooden animals are so beautiful! Does someone you know make them? Or where do you find them? I also have a small set of wooden animals back at my parents - I think they were a gift to my Mum from a friend in Cambodia! Hopefully one day I'll be able to get all my little trinkets shipped over ;)



I've never had any handmade ornaments :( But I'm intending to make something of my very own this year for myself and friends.


Laste week I visited my father in Holland with my daughters. He gave me several boxes with toys from when I was small. A wooden Brio train set, wooden building blocks and a small box with all kinds of small wooden toys. Amongst them I found a wooden ox that I put every Christmas next to the donkey and Maria and Joseph in the barn. Now my own daughters can put it in our Christmas stall.


My favorite handmade ornament is a little ceramic tree my niece made when she was 5, at the art center where my sister teaches. My niece is in her mid 20's now, a superb chef, with a little boy. Sweet giveaway-thank you!

Brece Honeycutt

We moved to Miami, FL for a year whilst my father trained to be a pilot. My mother made ornaments for the tree, for she had left most of our possessions behind. I watched as she painstakingly put small holes in many eggs and blew out the contents. She dried the eggs and decorated each one--glitter and sequinsfor some, sewn felt for others, ribbon and fabric for others. She also sewed and stuffed felt to make stars for the tree. I still have a few of these very fragile ornaments made in 1964 and treasure them. I marvel at her talents and her desire to make a beautiful tree for our family using very simple materials that were at hand.


My Grandmother crocheted many things including a string lace motif tablecloth and amazing themed costume dolls in miniature but the Santa door knob cover with bells is my favorite at Christmas. I loved bringing it out then and now. You know the one I am talking about. You have seen it in the antique shops, if you were not lucky enough to have had a grandma make you one. If you were you know what I mean. Really, that face with the button eyes and the logistics of keeping it on the knob while you skillfully turn, the sound of it hitting the floor as you walk away. It would not be Christmas without it.


I love my little sister's cardboard angel she made in elementary school in Germany. She has a head that's too big for her body and too much curly wool as hair, so we always have trouble balancing her out on the Christmas tree. The angel never fits in with any other decoration and that's why she is so perfect and loved by all of us!

Mary Jo Hoffman

My favorite ornaments right now are the ones the kids and I made last year where we placed carefully chosen feathers inside of clear glass bulbs. Any lit bit of nature that could fit through the small hole would work as well. hmmm....
Mary Jo

Lisa strode

As a child, my grandmother brought back a handmade ornament from south east Asia to hang on our tree. Back then I always loved this ornament as it seemed exotic and unique and reminded me of my inspirational grandma. Maybe that's what inspired my later travels to Asia. I still have the ornament and my boy asks me about it evey year.


My favourites are the ones made by my children. I keep them in a special box and it is such a joy to open that box each year


What a wonderful idea! Such fun to read them. The last ornament hung on our tree is the most special to me. It is a folded paper star that was dipped in wax andthen sprinkled in glitter. It was made by my great-grandmother during the depression. She made quite a few or them using things she had around the house. I love that! My grandmother gifted me one a few years after my great-grandma died and it brought tears to my eyes. It is one of my most prized heirlooms.

Happy holidays to you!


Years ago my quilting friend Marg taught the guild how to make some felt Christmas ornaments. One of the patterns was of a skating girl and the bottom of the skates was made from a paper clip. I have 3 daughters and made one each in pink, green and turquoise. If the girls are around when we decorate the tree, then they hang the skaters. Otherwise I put them on the tree. They are always on the tree - every year.
The felt girls are stuffed and they carry a white pom pom snowball. CUTE!


Ever since my husband and I started dating 8 years ago (in December) we made a pact to gift each other an ornament every year. One year he couldn't find the "right one" and time was running out so he went into my femo clay stash and made one for me. It was a heart with pattern all around it and it read simply A + N and the year. He's not a super crafty man and the fact that he wanted to make it special and tried something new meant so much to me!

amelie ares

The season table is this corner in the living just by the great window where we recreate an atmosphere of the current season. Sprouts, decorated eggs at spring, Greens and flowers during the summer, leaves, nut fruits and harvest treasures in the fall and finally, rocks, and minerals and branches during winter. As my oldest son is now eight years old, we have created many details we are happy to find again the recurring season of the following year. Every season becomes a period of great craft moments in family. Walks in the forest en parks is where we find plenty of materials to create great characters, animal and figurines we place upon the season table we transform throughout the year. November is time for candle making, we are organizing this week-end the moment where we will make a full reserve of lighting for the dark winter that settles. I love your little wood animal in the toundra forest. They would for sure make a wave of happiness in the heart of my little ones, along with a sparkle in mine !!!!


My husband made a menorah (sp?) from a piece of driftwood. I think it is just lovely and use it every year.


Oh! I would love the chance to win some special treasures... my most-loved ornaments are the salt dough ornaments that I make each year with my children. So simple and so much fun.


betty wilkins

My very favorite ornaments are the ones made by my daughter in her pre-school class at our church. Each is a photograph taken of her that December, and mounted variously on a jar lid, half a styrofoam ball, a tiny candy box and the final one, in a frame made with popsicle sticks. . . that one was made when she was in the class of a dear friend, so an extra-special memory!!


My mother made the angel that has topped the family Christmas tree every year since I can remember. She's nothing overly outrageous, just an angel wearing a red robe and bowing her head ... as the years passed her head more lolls than bows. As children my sister and I always faught over who got to put the angel on the top "for real" (one of us would put her on, then my father would take it off for the other to put her on ... and of course whoever put her on last was "for real").

Leona-Jayne Kelly

My fave ornament has to be one made by my granda who is sadly no longer with us. Its just a bauble covered in glitter and beads that we made one day at sunday school. However i hang it with pride every year as it fills me with all the happyness that my granda brought into my life and how much love i had for him!

Morgan Nelson

My favorite handmade gift was and still is the box I wrapped for my Mom. I was maybe eight at the time and had no money to buy her a gift so I wrapped an empty box in beautiful paper and included a note inside that said, "Anytime you need to feel loved, open this box, for a hug or a kiss." And she still puts it out every year for Christmas no matter how lame it seems in retrospect.


i don't have one specific ornament, but i have many fond memories with the paper stars my mom taught us to fold as kids, and that i still make today. when i open up a box filled with them to decorate, or make a new one pop up from my fingers, i am reminded of our family traditions and our scandinavian heritage, little pieces of us, and me, carried down the line through generations.

chunky necklace beads

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My parents have a battered old Rudolph under their tree...I remember making him in grade 2 out of coat hangers and paper mâché, with the help of the school janitor for bending the wire. I was upset because I splodged the paint for his face. Splodgy face or not, he is treasured.

At my house my favourite thing is the stocking I made for my son's first Christmas. He was just 4 months old, I was exhausted but determined, and in little moments of time when I probably should have been sleeping I created an appliquéd, quilted stocking using motifs from the one I've had since I was about that age myself. It didn't mean much to him that year, but the next, when he was 16 months, he was beside himself with delight. Mommy cried...


from the age of 5, until I was 11, I attended a saturday morning ceramics class. usually children couldn,t start attending till they were older but I was quiet and concentrated and absolutely loved it. When I was 10 I made an entire winter scene, with houses and a bakery and pine trees covered in snow. They were people scattered throughout and children on a skating rink, and I rigged up lights, which shone through the windows of the buildings, and lit up the christmas trees. It took 3 months, and was all in shades of blue, and it was the first thing I made that felt really really beautiful. I couldn't quite believe that I had created it.


This little forest is so nice, thank you for the give-away, it would be such a joy to hold in my hands something made by you.

Brooke M.

My sister and I moved to a large city and needed to do something to personalize our tiny apartment for the holidays. This is when Bob was born. Bob, the sparkly snowman. Glitter, some balls, a hand-knit scarf (one of my additions) and little wire-glove hands. http://pinterest.com/pin/157414949447321665/

Even now that we have a nicer apartment, Bob still comes out to top our tree.

Mariepierre Aubin

A simple stuffed felt heart that my daughter made for me a few years ago. Simple and so filled with her kindness and sweet vibe.


My favourite ornaments are the ones that I made as a child many years ago in elementary school. Some are trees and stars made out of green felt and decorated with gold glitter. Others are tiny wreaths made out of wooden curtain rings and decorated with tiny bits of greenery, bells, and little animals. Still others were made out of shiny foil lids and decorated with stickers. But my favourite ornament of all of these was made out of a single earring, a glittery diamond shaped earring covered with crystals, that I always hung in a place of honour near the top of the tree. Actually, I still do that today when decorated! These ornaments are very close to my heart and have much more "soul" in them than any of the purchased decorations - or at least they feel that way to me.


For the past 35 years, my mother has kept a Christmas ornament that I made when I was little, and for a 10 year span, every year I would see it on her tree I would beg her to throw it out, it is so ugly. It is a large styrofoam ball onto which I pinned shiny glittery shapes. Then wrapped it, in four, with sparkly pipe cleaners. Every once in a while a chunk of styrofoam comes out, so it still looks awful...but now it is a precious memory from my home.


My husband lost his younger brother on one of the planes on 9/11/01. We never had an ornament that signified him until now. Recently, we visited the 9/11 Memorial and discovered a Callery pear leaf ornament. When the WTC towers fell, there was a pear tree that sustained major damage yet survived. A leaf was removed & cast in silver from this "survivor tree". It is such a special ornament and I can't wait to hang it on our tree. Thank you very much for this lovely giveaway opportunity! xo


My Mum has some decorations that were her grandmothers that we put on the tree every year, they are from the 1930s and are very fragile now, I adore them. One is a Santa and the other is an elf, Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without them on the tree.


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