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January 14, 2013


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I was actually surfing the web trying to find inspiration on crocheted acorns and lo and behold, there you were!
Congratulations on 5 fantastical years!!

Andrea thompson

Congratulations! I found you through my mother who was a fan of yours first!

suzanne l. vinson

it's been so long, and if memory serves, I found you through your beautiful crocheted rocks and pinecones linked on other sites. likely though geninne, though I think from others as well.

love your work and your spirit of witness and wonder in the natural world. love.

peace. light. celebration!


I can't remember how I ended up in love with your blog- maybe someone referenced your work on another and that was how I discovered you? It's been a few years. I love the mindfulness, respect and joy you share. There is an awareness of mortality and an appreciation/gratitude for simple pleasures that completely resonates with me. Thank you for taking the time to share this blog with us!


Happy 5! I found you through crocheted stones and have learned to make them myself. Thank you for that. It may have been Geninne or Purl bee.


Gefeliciteerd! I found you through Geninne and then I fell in love with you're beautiful pictures of nature. Then I discovered you're Dutch roots wich made me more curious!

Rachel~At the Butterfly Ball

I've been following along on your magical journeys for more than a year now I believe. And I think I followed a link here originally from Lil Fish Studios {Lisa's lovely blog} I do remember the day I found your blog, I ended up spending several hours throughout the day reading through your archived posts! Such a lovely journal you've kept for us to explore. Thank you for sharing so generously of the beauty that surrounds you!

P.S. And through you I've found several of my other favorite bloggers, Geninne and Arounna! So thanks for that too!


Hard to remember. I believe that I found you through Lil Fish Studios, too. Anyway - I'm glad I did!


Congratulations! I found your blog through Geninne, I loved your pics! Sara :)


Happy Birthday blog!!
How i found myself visiting Resurrection Fern? I was searching around for fun yet easy things to do with my crochet hook, which was something new for me back then. So, on reference after reference i entered this blog and now i visit it everyday and i have made a lot of things inspired by your projects! Thank you!


I've been visiting here for a couple years now. I think I found your blog through another one, someone who had one of your crochet-covered stones. It's so interesting to read about a bit of Canada I've never visited. My favourite part of stopping here is your view of the natural world. I was always one who had to stop and look at every tiny amazing thing when out in the woods, but I've never been able to capture their beauty they way you do.


Margie, Just like stumbling upon a treasure of a plant, rock, shell, twig or beautiful view that catches my eye when I'm out walking so I found you in the blogosphere. You are a true treasure with your inspirational words, gorgeous photographs and your beautiful handmade creations. I actually found three treasures that day...you, Arounna and Geninne. You all complement each other so nicely, and through you I started following Sonia as well. Thank you and Congratulations!


Congratulations Margie!! I found you through Flickr..Your photos ALWAYS jump out at me from the thumbnails..When I first found your blog, I remember being amazed by the sheer beauty of your posts...You are a constant source of inspiration for me, and I credit YOU for making ME open my eyes to the tiny little worlds of magic that we are surrounded with..I think of you every time I see a moss covered stone..or a tiny mushroom:) I treasure your blog, and look forward to your postings..I have come to feel as though I am visiting a friend..and a very special one at that:) XXXOOO

Lisa J

I don't remember anymore, but I'm awfully glad I did. xo

Sonia / Cozy Memories

Happy 5th blog-anniversary my friend ! Thank goodness for Elsita who encouraged you & helped you setting your own blog !!
I remember how I found you. Through Maya's blog, during this post I think ( http://mayamade.blogspot.fr/2009/01/inspiration-and-new-year.html ) I didn't know you from the start of your blog. But you changed my life right from the start.
I love the way Virginia (11 comments before mine) put it. My thoughts exactly.
Much love oxoxo


Happy birthday to your blog ! I found it through Sonia Flickr account. Thank you for posting poetic words and wonderful pictures ! and happy new year to you and to your family !

Vanessa (heyladygrey)

Happy 5 years! What an accomplishment!
I first came here after Poppytalk featured your beautiful macro forest images, and since then I've been hooked : )
You inspire me to continue taking pictures.


No doubt I found your blog through a comment left on another blog I read. But I've been checking back for years and will continue to do so!


Five wonderful years bringing all of us wonder and inspiration! I feel like I've known you all my life :-) thank you friend for all the joy I've received from you and your beautiful work all these years. Love you lots, g.


I found my way here by following the trail of beautiful things from (I think) cocoknits to bookhou to you. I'm inspired every day by your images to give more attention to the natural world and to try and get out into it as much as possible. And also to create beautiful things myself.


I'm not sure how...I know it was probably a link through a link about crocheted stones ages ago. And I know you resurfaced once I found Geninne and Bookhou. Happy anniversary!


I believe I found you via another blog....I cannot remember now. But I am glad I did. I've been hooked ever since.
Congratulations on 5 years and many more to come.


It's hard to believe that you've only had this blog for five years... I first started following your beautiful nature and snail shots on flickr many years ago. So glad to be able to share in your world!

elf_girl :)


I was traveling around the internet and found your lovely blog...I can not remember how...i just did and from the moment I found you I always have a smile and warm heart from seeing your post! Thank you and Happy 5 years xo


I've followed you, Geninne, and arounna for quite awhile, now. I think I found you first through Geninne. How I've wanted one (or two?) of those wonderful pine cones!!!
Thanks for sharing your unique eye for nature and art - it's truly a pleasure to start my day looking at your beautiful photos. Happy Anniversary!


I found Resurrection Fern 3-4 years ago, through another blog, I cannot remember which one. I Share your love of creating by hand, and being inspired by the mystical, natural world around us. For the first few weeks of reading your blog, I thought you were an amazingly wise woman in her twenties. You posted a photo of a scarf you had knitted, and I somehow assumed the woman wearing it was you (although I later realized it was one of your lovely daughters!) So it was an interesting and delightful shift to know you are an amazingly wise and beautiful woman closer to my own age, and I am grateful for the beauty you share. Happy Anniversary!


Yay! Happy 5 years! I've been following your blog for so long I don't remember how I originally found it. Yours is the first blog I read in the morning, I love to start the day with your nature pictures and finding peace wherever you are. Thank you so much for the giveaway! Here's to another years!


I found you looking for inspiration for my new found love of crochet back in my early days of learning. I was thrilled and fell in love with your crocheted rocks (though I have yet to make one myself)
I find myself coming back here when I am in need of refreshing, beautiful things. I love your photographs and inspiring crafts. I hope to have more time in my near future and aspire to be more like you and do more photography and dye experiments.
some day....

Congratulations on 5 beautiful years!

Rose Cunningham

I saw a picture of your crocheted stones and was enchanted. I now have a bowlful of my own and have given several to friends. The pairing of the lovely colors and shapes of the stones with crochet motifs is pleasing to my eye and entirely inspired by you. Thank you.


i think i first saw a flickr photo in a friend's feed. i clicked to see your other photos & haven't been able to look away since :-)


I stumbled upon your lovely blog by way of Geninne. I liked her art and read her blog quite a bit then realized she was in Instagram. I started following her there, too. I saw your name on one of her "likes" and your I'd there piqued my interest. I clicked on your Instagram feed and lived your photos, too. Then today, I saw your mention of your blog and here I am!!!!! :) I love the leather pine cones!


I found the lovely land of Resurrection Fern through a magical day spent in the company of Geninne at Arounna's beautiful store Bookhou in 2011. That day introduced me to a web of beautiful people and also inspired me to start my own blog.


I think I came to this blog from http://www.julochka.com/ for the first time. I stayed because I am a Californian transplanted to Ontario who is constantly working on appreciating the beauty of the Carolinian forest all around me and not missing what I left behind.


Happy 5 and wishing you many more to come! I think it was through Purl Bee referring to your crocheted rocks but then I fell in love with your photographs of nature and little details that you were trying to capture such as dew drops on spider webs. Little things make a huge diferrence in my life as well so I became an instant fan. Keep up the good work!


I found you through Geninne's blog and then found out that you live not too far away.
Congratulations on your milestone. I hope that there are many more years ahead.


I found you through a link at the Purl Bee! Love checking here. We are jealous of your SNOW since there is none in Chicago for the Littles to sled in.

Else T

I don't remember how I found your blog but I am so happy I did. Your crafts and nature thoughts always bring a smile and inspiration. Blessings to you for many more artful years!

Mary Gehling

I found you through a link on a Martha Stewart blog about the knitted string light balloon, I think. I have never followed a blog before, but felt so beguiled by your unique lens that I signed up to follow you as an RSS. I also told my daughter about your blog. I believe we share the same aesthetics. Thank you for the time you put into sharing

Ana Castro

What can I say? I've been visitingyou for the past three years, at least, and I don't remember how I'd get to your blog, but your simplicity and the way you live and do things reminds me of my grandma...she used her hands to do things like you do: dyes, stitches, things that most people don't even know that exist!
Love your blog!
Ana C. B. Castro from Brazil

Dana Barbieri

I really can't remember where I first found you. Maybe Flickr? Congrats to you on 5 magical years. Here is to many,many more. :)


Congratulations, all that indigo blue makes my heart flutter.


Ah, I suppose I ought to mention that I met you at the workroom near the indigo vat!


Congratulations on five years! I've been following you for a couple of years now. I think I first came upon you after having seen your crocheted stones on PurlBee, but I'm not sure. I find myself constantly inspired by what I see here - thank you.


Five years? Wow! I guess that means I've been following along 3 or 4 years then. At least three since I remember reading your blog when I worked in Philly. Although I can't remember how I found you. Congratulations!


I found this piece of heaven through a fantastic Knitter and Author, Susan B Anderson!! I followed a link to a shop's blog that had your stone tutorial and then a link here!!

Through you I found Geninne, Lisa and Sonia and through them a few others that I read everyday!! You have given me such joy!! I feel like I should be offering YOU gifts!! 8*)

Happy Blog Birthday!! 8*)


i can't remember how i found you, actually. i'm pretty sure it was through flickr. i still enjoy your beautiful images!

Mousy Brown

I found you when I tried a crochet stone of my own and was over the moon when you came and visited and said you liked it...I love the friendly way that happens on the www! Happy 5! xxx


I love visiting here as much today just as much as I did however many years ago that I started visiting. You teach me so much and share so much beauty. Happy blog b-day, and many more to come I selfishly hope. xo


sorry - i know i found you through another blog - but i am not sure which one. i do enjoy coming here though.


The ResFern came to me in the most unexpected of ways, thru another loving blogger in my own state of Montana (who no longer puts her lovely stories out there, tsk, tsk)but now I have YOU & a few others that inspire my own creativity! Forever thankful!

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