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February 15, 2013


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I love your rambling on about science and medicine and wish you would do it more.


I agree, I love to hear about the connections you are making between your Work and your Work.


LOL!Didn't catch a thing!But it was fun!AriadnefromGreece!


Please, ramble as often as your heart dictates! I'm so grateful for all you share, no matter what the subject. I'm much older than you, Margie, and just this morning I was thinking about all the things I've learned over a lifetime that will die with me. I think it was Wayne Dyer who said we shouldn't die with our music still inside us. We want to hear all your music, dear Margie! For many, many more years to come.


haha, I hear a lot of rambling on about science and medicine in my job!! (although I am not the smart one...;-) but it's facinating to read about. I really love the last picture, so beautiful, wish I could crochet and knit.


I like the crochet covered rocks. I usually see them done in white. This blue is really pretty.

Have a wonderful weekend!


your stitched blue hearts are beautiful - thanks for sharing them.


If I was embroidering, I would just be worrying about pricking my finger. And look at you, thinking about all of the inner workings of the heart. You are a treasure, Margie, and I love these indigo hearts.

Sonia / Cozy Memories

When I first started reading you, you wrote more about science, I think. And I think I loved it because you were even more special, in my eyes. Never stop being the Amazing person you are. The amazing doctor, the amazing mama, the amazing sister, the amazing crafter, the amazing friend & so much more.
Love you. xoxo

Sonia / Cozy Memories

(and of course I forgot ... the amazing oma !!! argh !) oxox


I agree with Sonia! You ARE amazing...on so many levels! I admire you so! i am a science buff myself..always knew I would be SOMETHING that had to do with medicine! My little Zach cracks me up though...he is learning about cells in 4th grade..he said, "whenever we start talking about cells I feel really weird and tingly!" ...So squeamish it makes me laugh!! Keep on teaching Margie...and learning..You are so very inspiring!!!!

Annie @ knitsofacto

You didn't lose me at all, and I really enjoy these glimpses of the connections between your creative mind and your medical one :)


You can ramble all you want honey, I LOVE listening to you. Those stitches are so beautiful!


I love the idea of family day. I think I want to move to Canada next.
I love hearing your doctor speak too, I feel smarter by osmosis somehow, just knowing you.
Love your hearts too and everything you do. xo


I'm used to the science speak from listening to my husband and his friends/coworkers talk when I join them on nights out. I just whip out my crochet when the talk starts going over my head. :)

Mary Jo

Your free-form stitches are inspiring me to pick up needle and thread. I embroidered as a kid and I loved it. That was thirty years ago. I am excited to try it again.

Becky C.

I was having similar, though not medical, thoughts about repairing hearts on Friday as I knitted two for a sympathy card for a friend who lost her son. I loved your post and the stitched hearts.


Of all your projects, this one touched my creative heart completely... this is beautiful. I really love how much the piece speak for itself. You need not a writted a word... Incredible, thank you so much for posting!

Sherry Harmes

Ruth echoed my thoughts exactly, Margie! Everything that we do and are is so interconnected, like the webs that cover the planet. Hugs from Alaska


you are so clever. i love these indigo hearts. and i really like the way you match art + science together.

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