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February 25, 2013


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as always such beautiful words.
have a great start to your week :-)


Touché Margie ... that's why I visit your blog daily! x


i hope you never stop blogging...I love to visit you for a few minutes of beauty..art..creativity..and calm...I am so happy to have found your little corner of the world..it makes my little corner of the world happier:) XXXOOO


Beautifully "spoken" Margie - and I love the little icy rabbit on he mound!


Good morning. Well, this is a nice message. I just read an article in the NYTimes sunday paper about the repercussions of public violence on our psyche, particularly children and teens. I was feeling that dark, overwhelmed place. But, you are right. Our one true option is to be a vehicle for love and goodness and truth.
Thanks, Maribeth

Carol Dee

You are indeed a light to the darkness. Thenk You for being you! (Love the bunnny cake, too!) Hugs....


Darkness can never conquer the light. Let your little light shine dear friend.


Beautiful post and beautiful site! Thank you!


Beautiful Post Margie. Just what was needed on this day!!


Holly McLean

I think the bits of fear and darkness exist in life in general, so it's a perfect message. We all must try to send out our bit of love and warmth to the world. As in real life, there are many wonderful and kind bloggers out there. It is such a kind and generous community.!


and a beautiful heart you have my sweet friend. Sending you some Mexican warmth and love on this day. hugs xoxo


You and your close blog friends always spread light and love. This is a dark world and I cling to a Bible verse: "He that is in you is greater than he that is in the world." You indeed are filled with light and love and I want to thank you for letting that light beam out through the internet. Have a wonderful day!


Thank you. I quite agree.

Mary Jo

Lovely morning musings. I will carry your thoughts with me as I head out for my daily walk.
Thank you,
Mary Jo

Sonia / Cozy Memories

Beautiful & thoughtful thoughts for our dear friend.
I loved reading your story, you're such a wonderful writer.
And gorgeous, dreamy photos to top it off.
I totally agree with you, and I know you know that.
Let stick to each other, make a strong & positive community, and we can make of this online world a more beautiful & loving place.
Love to you my sweet friend


I love rabbits and your icy rabbit is magical. I think as much as we don't like darkness, it is necessary to see the light. I think the internet world contains light and dark as much as there is good and bad in all of us. But what I've found for myself is that the more I concentrate on light, the more I see. Thank you for the ongoing light you share here and the beautiful way that you view the world around you.

Melissa R

Well, I must only read the love and light parts of the internet! I really don't know what dark stuff you are referring to. In any case, I always like coming here to your blog :)

Deb Cox

Aren't you just a little gift to us all. Thank you for sharing and having such lovely thoughts and sharing. And as has been said: "this is good". It's been a long day and I am smiling and you have helped Margie. This machine called a computer has brought marvels to my small world. We can all use more kindness in our days.


Beautiful winter morning!


This post sounds as an awaken dream or as a wintery tale. You put in your posts so much beauty, magic, meaning, wisdom and light ...
Thank you, Margie, for all your thoughts and your precious friendship.
Hugs to each and everyone in Resurrectionfernwonderland.


so well said. thank you for this. "i think the internet has become a darker, more fearful place for some delicate hearts and minds over the past few years. But I also believe that if some of us continue to blog , post and share with the light in our hearts, filled with kindness, consideration and love of one another and of this place we call earth that perhaps those that have been frightened away may again feel it is a place of comfort , warmth and light."


beautiful, margie. as always. xx


sweet little rabbit, sweet little early morning story. and beautiful sentiment.


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