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March 07, 2013


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"I'm feeling blue," said the stone. "You're beautiful," said the wood slice. "Just look at me and remember - life goes round and round." "Thanks," said the stone. "I'm 'bound' to remember that!" :) xo

Sonia / Cozy Memories

Slice : "I'm flat"
Stone : "And I'm stoned"
Slice : "OK, let's stick together ..."
Stone : "...and let's throw ourselves in that white stuff forever"
Slice : "not forever ... come spring, we'll peek through & will feel alive again !"
(so wise, that slice ...)
love you


Wood Slice: You Spin Me Round (Like a Record)

The Stone: I feel the need for a Chevrolet truck!

[What can I say, I had fun in the 1980's 8*)]

Linda F.

Stone: Does this belt make me look fat?
Slice: Maybe...but they say stripes can be slimming.


Slice: What did you pay for that new wrap...
Stone: Dont worry about it..you are tighter than bark to a tree...I was feeling a little blue..I decided I needed some new threads..
Slice: Your right..I should try shopping to unwind...

Judy Brown

stone: "That was some yarn"
Slice: "Which one?"
Stone: "All of them"


Does this string make me look vat?


You have the wittiest readers M! Had fun reading all of these :-)


hehe, hope you are feeling cheered. love all those puns. hope you are feeling better and happy weekend.


Wheely? You think the blue makes me look fat? Wheely?

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