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April 06, 2013


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What lovely finds! I'm perplexed by that sticker though, never heard of that!

Lisa J

That's my kind of shopping trip. I love those beautiful and functional additions to the kitchen.


You can get something like a patent for specific plant varieties, which can be big money for plant breeders or seed producers. That's why they don't like people to propagate new plants from existing ones. I don't agree with it myself, especially for food plants.

Sonia / Cozy Memories

I love your kitchen and how it's evolving, though I loved your kitchen when I visited you. Hoping you're having a lovely weekend !


Fun finds! I've never seen a label on plants like that either. Have a great weekend!


Lovely finds! I've seen a label like that on a pot of basil in a grocery store.


Margie i have seen a sticker like that on potatoes here in Greece. All over the world they are trying to make us stop having our own gardens. They want to stop people from growing their own plants and vegetables and also, stop us from keeping the seeds from our plants. I've heard it happen before in Cyprus.


It is common for newly-developed plant varieties to be patented, and propogation is illegal, although I don't think there is much enforcement against non-commercial sharing. Selling your new plants, on the other hand, is like selling knitted items made from a copyrighted pattern.

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