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June 05, 2013


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Glorious, glorious clogs!


Mine is cotton. Love it! And what beautiful flowers.


Wool is first in my heart but linen is close second. It is quintessential summer for me!


That blue is so amazing! I wish I could bottle it up :) My all time fave is linen. If I could wear only linen I would.


Oh.my.goddess - this movie is incredible! Thank you, thank you, Margie, for sharing it! It makes me want to find more clothing made from linen. The few pieces I have, I adore!


Linen, every time! Just love it. Nothing compares.

Annie @ knitsofacto

Linen fabric, silk thread, alpaca yarn ... I could happily live with just those three, although if I could have wool as well, cloth and yarn, I'd be in heaven :)

Lovely post Margie

Sonia / Cozy Memories

Beautiful linen confettis in the first photo !
I adore linen, and would wear it only if it was possible.
If not for wearing, but for making things, I love wool, hemp, silk & cotton too.


You know what I'm going to say, right? It's wool for me. Though I love linen too! I knit one of the samples for Hannah Fetig's beautiful new linen collection for Quince and Co and that yarn is absolutely gorgeous!

Judy brown

Wool? The feel of it coming off a drop spindle, the oily fleece, washed and stuffed into a comforter... then the cashmere paisley shawl, carpets knotted on looms made of branches, taking the dyes with no resitance. My choice of the hour.
You are so lucky to have lupins in your garden, thanks for the photos.


I love working with silk,it can be a bit fiddly sometimes,but I love the many colors and textures.


Zach and I just watched a demonstration turning flax to linen last week...Unbelievable. I really had no idea what was involved in all of this..gives me a different appreciation of the fabric....so lovely..and, myself. well...I think I would have a hard time picking a fave..arent ALL fibers wondrous in thier own ways????

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