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June 06, 2013


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Can't wait!!!


Thank you so much for this article on lupin! I thought it was pretty for a long time, and even grew a version in the Midwest when I lived there. I had no idea it was a viable protein source, nor that it had so many versions or such a lengthy history! You've become my teacher this summer - first the lovely linen film and now this. Thank you!


The wild ones will pop up in a few weeks over here. I'll collect some and think of you :) Have fun in Ottowa and give Nicole a BIG hug for me.


I love lupines! One year, we were lucky to have an entire field next to our house sprout up with lupines. It was gorgeous! I have photos of my daughter (then a toddler) standing in them and looking at their beautiful purple blooms. :-)


Thank you so much once again for opening up new information! I loved the linen video, and now this amazing article. I don't have lupines in my garden, but I wonder - do you notice them indicating time of day? How very interesting! God bless that precious little Lili checking out Oma's posies.

Sonia / Cozy Memories

What a mesmirizing shape, specially through your eyes & your lense.
You'll have to give Nicole an extra huge hug ... from me of course !
Have a super wonderful weekend my friend !

Lois Collins

Beautiful pics Margie! I used to eat delicious organic Lupin burgers till they stopped making them! xx


Do you know the children's book, Miss Rumphius, by Barbara Cooney? The title character is also called the Lupine Lady. A little old for Lilith but you must add it to her library when she is older.

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