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July 11, 2013


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amazing photos....makes you forget that you really don't want these beauties in your garden!!!

Margaret Oomen

actually i was thinking of collecting seeds and growing them next spring to have my very own garden source of this delicious root. They are not the same as dandelions for whom they are often mistaken. xo


I haven't heard the word "salsify" since my great grandmother talked about it when I was a child. Now you've piqued my curiosity. Fabulous photos once more, Margie!


our garden has quite a lot of salsify at the moment, I'm pretending I'm cultivating it. I'm definitely planing on harvesting some of the roots, but disappointed that I didn't get around to preparing any of the new flower buds, I have read that they are delicious as well.
Beautiful photographs! I love your way of seeing things :)


very beautiful photos, the shapes and colors are really inspiring, thanks for sharing!


The delicacy - and how the empty cup-like shapes hold such form and fragility at the same time, astounding.


Fabulous photos! I love those!



Sonia / Cozy Memories

Salsifies are so photogenic ! We also get them wild over here ! And like for many other plants & flowers, they are so often overlooked, sadly.
These photos are fantastic !

Annie @ knitsofacto

There's a fish restaurant here that we're always quick to visit when the salsify is in ... yummy, yummy stuff :)

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