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February 27, 2014


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I HAVE to make that bread. I have had it pinned for some time but haven't as yet made it. Your diet sounds similar to mine except that I do eat fish and eggs quite frequently - I crave protein if I don't add them ,ohh and chocolate too! The rest of my family are big meat and pasta eaters which makes cooking a little complicated but on my own I am usually content with fruit, veggies and nuts :-) Not sure why my nose isn't wiggling yet!!


I quit eating wheat last year, too, and had the exact same results, either. I also eat mostly plants you could eat without cooking them and the whole range of animal products, but the latter from grass fed animals. I would never have believed, that an actually minor change, like eating no wheat anymore would have such a huge impact. My hayfever is gone, skin wasn't better ever and I lost 2 sizes.
It's great to see people who benefit from this way of eating and get physically and mentally better. This shows again which big impact your food has and that one should think about it more often. Thumbs up for your decision and strength to keep this going.


very interesting food for thought. i have tried various ways of eating - gf & df (an attempt to help my partner's allergies), vegan, and so on, but i never found that i felt any different one way or the other, and it made no over all impact on my weight, appearance, or ongoing gastrointestinal irritations. i do try to eat very little processed food, and i find that i am interested in meat products less and less as each year passes. Your diet has looked quite interesting on instagram - glad it is working well for you!

Sonia / Cozy Memories

I'm so glad this diet has had great effects on your health ! I now believe that not all diets are for everyone. It's hard to find the one that suits you best, but when it works, then it's wonderful ! oxox


As a fellow nutritarian, I cannot believe how wonderful this diet has made me look and feel! All my "bad" food cravings are gone, which is miraculous, given that I've always had an uncontrollable sweet tooth that too often veered into binge-eating territory. But now, my body craves the good stuff. I'm thriving on beautiful, whole plant food, and it's all thanks to you my friend! I'm ever so grateful!!!

Mary Jo Hoffman

Hi Margie,
I am glad you posted this. I have been wondering what the backstory for choosing to do the nutritarian diet was, an how it was going.
Kudos to you and your self-discipline!
Mary Jo


Thanks Margie! Lots of food for thought here. You're an inspiration in so many ways!



This is food for thought indeed and I appreciate your perspective on it (you seem like a pretty rational kind of person :)). Personally, I find it challenging to wade through all the information on different diets out there and discerning the truth from what appear to be "partial" sciences. I'm glad this is working for you and that you feel healthier for it and I'm glad you are sharing this journey with us.


You'll be hopping around before you know it!


My decision to go vegetarian 5 years ago was for moral reasons. Our food system is so totally out of whack in this day and age. But going vegan a year ago had the biggest impact on my health. I lost weight without even trying; never have cravings; never have mood swings. I just turned 48, am officially in menopause and have never felt better. When you do something from your heart that is right for you, then it is so very easy to be successful. Blessings, Tammy

friv 3

lovely pictures and funny how the dollar is also very affectionate and fun.


she a real diet a suiable.

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