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August 17, 2014


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Lisa J

Sooo beautiful! Thank you for sharing these glimpses. What an adventure.


As one of your Norwegian readers, I am so glad that you enjoyed your stay in my country! You were lucky to hit the best summer weather we've ever had. Look forward to read more about your trip :-)


I can't imagine what it must have been like waking up to such breathtaking views. What an amazing experience! I hope there will be many more once in a lifetime experiences ahead :)

ellen kelley

I don't think that I have ever commented here. Shame on me for sure! I love all of your posts and have been missing you so very much, truly. What beauty you have captured. Your heart must have just swelled to the bursting point to experience such wonders, colors, air, scents..oh, everything. Thank you so much. Sigh, I have gone to Heaven looking at these images. You are such an inspiration.


This is so inspiring! What a beautiful life adventure.


I agree with Ellen. I'm excited to have you back. I've always wanted to visit Norway, am intrigued by Iceland, and can't wait to see your photos.


gorgeous pictures. i love that part of the world. camping in norway with the long light... beautiful.

Holly McLean

How wonderful to be able to share such an adventure with your daughter! What beautiful places to wake up to. Iceland has always been on my list but health issues now may prevent it. Seize whatever time you can.


I can't wait to see more! Glad to have you back. My father was a Marine and his favorite place he was stationed was Norway. I look forward to your pictures. thank you for sharing.

Annie @ knitsofacto

I am green with envy and can't wait to read more ... I have always wanted to go to Iceland.

So glad you're blogging again :)


Heaven. I hope to do this one day with Mark.


Love your pictures and so happy you are back. This blog brings such great joy in a world that seems to grow increasingly bleaker! It restores innocence & joy....Thank you so much!


Those are truly amazing sites for setting up camp. Such a fun time - hope you can do it again before too long with a little stop in Somerset on your way over :)


I'm so glad you've had such a grant, outdoor summer !! Nothing like this for recharging batteries for the colder months ahead !
I'm really looking forward to your photos, I bet they will be out of this world, so to speak !
I missed you in this space, but was very patient for your return.
xoxox big hugs


Marvelous! Thank you so much for sharing these


SO remote! How in the world did you get to them?? Did you see any wild animals??? Of course, the first thought I had upon seeing the site at the base of the cliff...Did you find some amazing rocks:)? It all looks so lovely and remote..I cant even imagine...

Nan Gran

I, too, have never posted and yet have enjoyed your blog for years. So happy to hear that you were away, having a most wonderful time in Iceland and Norway! I quickly looked at the pictures from all three posts and am looking forward to savoring each one later today. As always, your pictures are magical! So glad to have you back!!!

Diane Head

I just loved your photographs, and you certainly visited so many different sites (and sights). Thank you so much.
I am hoping to visit Iceland next year, and your post has truly whetted my appetite.


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