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September 11, 2014


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Amazing! Paradise for a photographer :-) Thank you for taking us along. xoxo


your posts are the next best thing to being there, beautiful in every way. Thank You!


What a trip! WOW! You covered some serious distances! Your photos...as always, are beautiful. You have such a wonderful talent as a photographer! I think my favorite thing would be to swim in those waters...but, how COLD was that water????? I was happy to see some of your pics of Flickr! I am trying to keep up with IG, Flickr, blogs! Lol!! Its always a pleasure to see you..and glimpses of your lovely...blessed life! XO


so lovely


As a Norwegian, it is always interesting to see how tourists look at our little land :-) You really reached over a lot on your trip here. Most of us who live here don't see this mush of Norway during a whole lifetime :-)


Stunning colors, stunning buildings, stunning goats & stunning ladies ! Norway looks like a gem ! xoxo


You are pulling at my heartstrings here! I must admit to getting a little weepy seeing this post. It makes me feel something akin to homesickness.

My memories of traveling to this area when I was only around ten years of age made a great impression upon me; this land entered a place deep inside my heart and has never left. My return there five years ago only deepened that connection.

Some of my Norwegian ancestry is right here and I feel it in a personal and almost tangible, physical way. My grandmother was born and raised nearby to where you've traveled here and I still have not-too-distant relatives living in these areas.

Knowing that you, too, have driven these same stitched-on roads, walked some of the very same paths, taken in the same beauties, it gives me great joy...and experiencing this with your daughter, well, even better.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for "taking us along" on your journey!

(even if it does hurt a little)

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